The Carriers

Marc and Cindy Carrier (along with their eleven children) lived in Kenya from 2012-2021. Now that they have returned stateside, Marc continues in an itinerant teaching role, visiting fellowships in the US and abroad to equip and encourage them with all that he has put into practice on the foreign mission field. He is also active in his local fellowship and remains committed to evangelism and discipleship locally. Donations earmarked to the Carriers may be used to support Isaiah Carrier and family as they continue the work on the ground in Kenya, or may be used as-needed to support ongoing needs for the Kenya mission and people.

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  1. Had a visit today from 2 men a Brother Dennis and Brother Marc, and honestly I was skeptical at first in my mind, but my heart was not. After speaking with them about religion and God and their mission, Brother Marc and Brother Dennis just prayed over my family and myself especially, and for the first time in my 41 yrs I felt lighter I felt good, so good I couldn’t even find the words to speak as they were leaving. I am so happy to meet them and today I took my first step in actually living with God and nothing else… Thank you both so much I never felt so alive and free of such heavy boulders.. God Bless you both and I cannot wait to speak again with you..

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