Reading Room

Following are several short books available for you to read online. Be sure to also view and download our series of booklets/tracts, which are designed to assist you in expanding the Kingdom wherever you are!



TThe Gospel According to Jesushe Gospel According to Jesus: Unwrapping Centuries of Confusion

This book presents the historic, classic Gospel as held by the early church. It is a Gospel that upholds the supremacy of Jesus’ teachings, and does not succumb to the compromises and innovations introduced by theologians through history.



Kingdom Expansion Essentials is a field guide used for training pastors and front-line disciples in Kingdom expansion practices. It is a concise, current revision of the longer Keys to Kingdom Expansion above and contains details and a copy of the Spiritual Inventory discussed in that book.

An Introduction to Kingdom Discipleship is a more detailed treatment for use in teaching and learning Kingdom doctrine. It is primarily lists of verses with little commentary. It is the basis for a Bible college course Marc teaches in Africa.



The Spiritual Inventory

This is the supplemental tool with instructions introduced in Keys to Kingdom Expansion. It is a strategic tool for achieving freedom from sin. It can be found in Kingdom Expansion Essentials and Booklet 2: Entering the Kingdom.