Quiet, but Busy

With apologies, the blog here has not been updated in some time. There are many reasons for that, much of it a desire to maintain individuals’ privacy and do the Lord’s work in a quiet way. Marc shares more on his personal Facebook to “friends,” so anyone looking for more detail about the work of the ministry can try to friend him there.

In general, during this period of forced quietness during Covid-19, we have still been active, albeit in slightly different ways. KDM has, for the past year or so, been developing a dairy farm and tractor business to try and make the ministry here less dependent on foreign donors. We are learning as we go, but so far are pleased with the progress. Though far from being self-sustaining as a mission, we are working toward that goal with a unity that is, in itself, encouraging.

Tractor and trailer, ready to work!
Baby cow being temporarily hosted by the Carrier family (pictured with Marc, Jr., known as “Mop”).

The work of our hands has kept us busy during the Covid-19 restrictions, even as our church gatherings, prayer meetings, and evangelism have (of necessity) decreased. We are trying to actively encourage the saints in our various groups through regular text and WhatsApp messages. Although not all our people are online, enough are, and there is still enough inter-personal communication among members on the ground, that people are hopefully remaining strong in the Lord and focused on what is important. Needless to say, we look forward to the day when all restrictions are lifted. But in the mean time, we are doing what we can to keep people connected.

The economic impacts here are real and people are financially struggling as work decreases and food prices increase. We were blessed to be able to send bags of maize and sweet potatoes on a couple of occasions to be distributed according to need through the local churches.

Maize and sweet potatoes, ready for distribution

Our medical program and malnourished/feeding programs continue unabated as essential services.

Our evangelists and teachers, while on temporary hiatus, volunteered their labor for several projects on the farm and many are now helping with various upgrades to the new Wajumbe Training Center. We can’t wait to open that up for our first class!

New platform for the water tank, plumbing upgrades to the facility.
Adding multiple bathrooms (for bathing) and toilets for classroom use.

Within just the past week, some of our evangelists have returned to the harvest fields (while complying with existing government rules). We celebrated the baptism of two people recently, and give God much praise for the encouragement and hope this brings.

Our prayers remain with our brethren around the world; please continue to pray for us.