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About Wajumbe

Wajumbe Training Center, an outreach ministry of Kingdom Driven Ministries, is a short-term, full-time, discipleship training boot-camp designed to inspire, inform, equip and mobilize ministers in all aspects of field ministry and church planting and development.
Wajumbe means “messengers” in Swahili, and it refers to the itinerant field ministries of apostle (modern equivalent to missionary), evangelist, and teacher. These roles are the most often neglected in the pastor- and Sunday-service-centric ministries of today. However, these roles played an indispensable part in the efficacy and vitality of the early church and are still needed more than ever today.
The best description of the the material that is presented at Wajumbe is biblical and apostolic, or early church. This can be further articulated as “kingdom” and “charismatic.” Kingdom, first and foremost, refers to the supremacy of adhering to the literal teachings of Jesus Christ. Charismatic means believing in and operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Both of these attributes are presented in the New Testament and likewise the first couple hundred years of the post-Apostolic, or Ante-Nicene (pre-325 AD) church. These two descriptors accurately describe the genre of the materials taught and practically modeled in the training.
Since in discipleship more is caught than taught, the training will not simply be an intellectual download. Yes, theology, from a distinctly kingdom perspective, will be taught. After all, teachers and evangelists need this requisite foundation. However, the instructors (who are all experienced field evangelists and teachers) will also demonstrate and model all vital aspects of field ministry. For this reason, class size will be limited, so that field operations may be simulated through drill and practice and teams will actually be able to venture into the field.
The course emphasizes New Testament practices as best practices for fruitful kingdom expansion. Some examples include: going out in pairs preaching the kingdom, healing the sick, expelling demons, making disciples, baptizing them and teaching them to obey Jesus, establishing fellowships that meet in private homes, a Spirit-led interactive service, every saint a soldier on the mission, complete and total surrender to the Lord’s service, unity of mind, spirit, love, purpose, all in humility.


Author of the Course

Marc Carrier is a missionary serving in Kenya since 2012. He pioneered the mission known as Kingdom Driven Ministry from nothing to now numerous churches and hundreds of kingdom disciples. He has written and published many books and taught in local Kenyan Bible colleges. He has trained hundreds of pastors in practical ministry during three day seminars. Some of his books include Pioneering the Kingdom: Experiences Applying the Apostolic Pattern for a Sustainable and Reproducible Mission, Christianity Unleashed: Slaves to Soldiers, Christianity Advanced: The Next Level, and Christianity United: One Body in Christ. For a sampling of Marc’s teachings or to freely download those books and others, just browse this Web site or LiveTheBible.info. There is also a Kingdom Driven Ministries Youtube channel.

Course Description

Classes will meet daily, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 AM to 5 PM at our facility in Matunda, Mois Bridge (half way between Kitale and Eldoret, Kenya) for three weeks. Students may go home for the weekend on Friday afternoon and return Sunday afternoon at their own expense. Practical breakout sessions will accompany classroom lecture. Practical sessions will include preaching the kingdom, healing, deliverance, taking someone through repentance, baptism, communion, foot washing, field evangelism, all-night prayer meeting, fasting, discovery bible study, and church discipline. Evenings will give students an opportunity to unwind, review notes, and do drill-and-practice with a partner. Students will finish the course with a written exam and three practical sessions: preaching the kingdom, healing the sick, and deliverance. Passing students will receive a certificate of achievement (not officially accredited).


Three simple meals will be provided each week day, and on weekends for students who remain at the facility. Comfortable bunk beds in a gender-specific group setting with linens and mosquito nets will be provided. Gender-specific outdoor bathrooms and toilets are available for students. Students are urged to bring towels, toothbrushes, and other personal hygiene products. Soap and basins will be provided for bathing.
Limited Western accommodations are available for foreign visitors. These include an indoor, flushing toilet; a hot shower; a private shared room (bunk beds); and a more diverse meal menu.


The tuition for locals is 2,000 Kenya Shillings. This includes books, meals, and accommodations. Scholarships may be available. Students are responsible for all transportation costs to and from the facility.
The tuition for foreigners choosing the limited Western accommodations is $300 (USA dollars). This includes books, more private Western accommodations, and a more diverse meal menu. Students are responsible for all travel and transportation expenses. Students may fly into Eldoret International Airport or Kitale Airstrip.

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