The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

As the saying goes, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” And that is very much true at Kingdom Driven Ministries.

The Marc Carrier family, serving KDM in Kenya since 2012, returned stateside in February of 2021, having brought the Kingdom Driven Ministries organization and our network of indigenous churches to a place of strength where it seemed like local leadership would be able to make a successful transition and step into a new (but similar) future.

Isaiah Carrier, the oldest son of Marc & Cindy, now has a family of his own in Kenya. He carries on the work that he has devoted himself to since his youth. He has volunteered with the mission since earning his GED at age 16 and earned his work permit at age 18. He began by serving as a general hand in our various “Great Commandment” programs and projects, and has worked as an evangelist and teacher,  pioneered a music ministry to Kenyan youth, and now functions as a program administrator, also with the intention of empowering our local leadership and their fellowships to autonomous function.

Throughout the years and the changes they have brought, Kingdom Driven Ministries remains focused on its core mission:

“Expand the Kingdom of God locally and abroad through training, church planting, education, and ministering to the various diverse needs of the poor.”