Community Clean Water Project

For quite some time, villagers not too far from where the Carriers live were asking if KDM could build for them a water well so that they could have access to clean water. They persisted in their asking, perhaps to show that they knew the command to “pray without ceasing.” (Or, maybe to bring to mind the parable of the persistent widow?) The Lord was good and He granted them a clean water well. Women were spared the long journey seeking for clean water and were able to utilize their time meeting other demands of home life. Lo! Their joy was not to last long,  due to some underground problems which resulted in the collapsing of the well, and therefore the hope of the people collapsed too.

We thank God for recently providing a donor and well-wisher who took upon himself the financial burden of restoring the water well, and thus restoring the hopes of the villagers. We thank the Heavenly Father for responding to the cries and meeting the needs of his people in miraculous ways through his own people. A few photos of the work in progress are below. Several men (some from one of our sister fellowships here) did the dangerous work of climbing into the 50-foot borehole to re-excavate the soil that had fallen in. Other laborers from the community assisted with the brickwork (to prevent the same problem from re-occurring). And for a couple of days, as many as 10-12 in the village were offered day labor (helping to remove the water as it rapidly filled the borehole), which permitted the diggers to go down *just* a little further. We’re at about 50 feet with a decent amount of water, and, praise the Lord, the project is almost finished!




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