Facebook updates July 24 to September 4, 2012

July 24

We have six approved applications for small business microloans awaiting sponsorship. If you desire to provide for a business loan for a minister or needy family that will launch a business that will support their family henceforth, visit h

ere: http://kingdomdriven.org/microloan-candidates-awaiting-sponsorship.

Think about it, for under $300 you can PERMANENTLY change the situation of a family from desperately needy, to successful entrepreneur! Please consider empowering a family today and furthering the Kingdom of God. Loan candidate profiles are posted on the linked page.

For those interested in understanding the loan process, we have a thorough vetting process. All candidates must be a church-going Kingdom Christian in good standing, have submitted a thorough business plan, and be a disciple of a Kingdom Christian and be actively discipling others. A letter of reference from someone up the discipleship chain is also required. These are NOT applications from strangers!

Aug 1

Visited several disciples today. Two in hospital: one w sick child and one sick. Others at home and work. They are doing good. Three more strong disciples met w me and Cindy. Kingdom expanding in Kiminini. Prepped for three day mission starting tomorrow and another Mon thru Wed next week.

Aug 2

First day of mission done. Low attendance, but GREAT response.

Met one of my disciple’s disciples and he is very strong. You know things are working when you have strong disciples multi-generationally; the true measure of ministry success is the message and mission to carry to the next generation.

Aug 2 second post

David had GREAT attendance and response. 60 pastors. They said “this message came from God, not America.” Tomorrow they go to the field. Amazing fruit will come from that meeting. I praise God for my brother David Wanjala. He is really good.

Aug 3

Omar, man by whose hand God healed his father, former Muslim now responsible for leading 24 muslims to the kingdom, is baptizing 15 muslims today. There have been serious and credible death threats. Pray for his safety. He is prepared to die for Christ, but I do not want to send that report.

Aug 3 cont.

Great day. Omar baptized 15 Muslims. Great fruit on David’s mission. My mission going great. Team in the US staffing what we hope to be a fruitful conference. Here is David’s report. He had some photos of the sacrifice, but too graphic for facebook.

“Went out Luke 10 style with 60 pastors in the villages for 3hrs and reached 130 people with the gospel of the kingdom. 30 surrendered,going through

inventory tomorrow,baptizing 11. Pastors AMAZED. My group visited a home and found men sacrificing a bull to appease their gods, preached to them the message of the kingdom ,three surrendered and are amongest those ones to be baptized tomorrow. Find some pictures attached. Omar sent me a message that it all went well with the baptisms, he will be sending pictures. God bless you brother. I am now in a cyber in a small town.


Aug 4

Another great day. David baptized 11 as planned. Pastors were amazed and challenged and promise to start house churches. Pics will come eventually. My mission wrapped up. Two to be baptized tomorrow. We must pack changes of clothes. The issue was nothing to change into to baptize. Local pastor will do tomorrow. We also met with Sam (Isaiah’s disciple) and his wife on the way home after the mission. They surrendered and we completed spiritual inventory. Will baptize them tomorrow. Isaiah, yes–my 13-year old son, will disciple them. Love it.


Aug 5

Baptized Sammy and his wife Sarah today.


Aug 6

Muslim baptizing 15 other Muslims. Pray for him. His life is in danger. His family is in hiding in another country now and he plans to leave soon as well.


Aug 6 cont.

great mtg. 45 attending. great reception. taught kingdom, discipleship, freedom from sin. silas led two two kingdom out in field while i was teaching. great encouragement was report that moses, a trainee from mtg two years ago has 200 disciples and 13 house churches as a direct result of that mtg. made my day to hear that. he is taking disciples to complete surrender, doing inventory, teaching obedience and organizing into home fellowships exactly as i taught. glory to God!

Aug 6 cont.

New rpt in, vincent, pastor who hosted mtg last wk baptized 3 yesterday. makes 31 in 3 days. 15 fri, 11 sat, 5 sunday. amen. glory to God.

Aug 7

2 Great missions today. I finished teaching on house church and lk10 evangelism. went in field lk10 style. four surrendered. i did inventory w one. will baptize tomorrow. David invited to be one of several speakers at a pastors mtg. was given an hour. but they were so amazed all speakers asked to sit and david taught entire day. they then insisted david pull the team together from nairobi to take them in the field tomorrow for lk10 evangelism. God is awesome!

Aug 8

DAVID reported great mission. 10 surrendered and baptized 3. Pastors were amazed. Two house churches planted. I baptized three with several more scheduled to be baptized tommorrow by local leaders. On both fronts, all attendees amazed with teachings and fruit. Glory to God!


Aug 10

Great mtg w Biblica. SET UP RELATIONSHIP FOR ORDERING AND SHIPPING CHEAP BIBLES GOING FORWARD. set up program for ordering, printing and shipping literature as well. completed dependents passes for fam. travel thru night back from nairobi. traveled thru night last night as well. must return sat for a baptism and a mtg. both david and i ea have 2 mtgs next wk. big ones. praising God.

Aug 11

Baptized two today, Benson and Agatha. Then shared Kingdom w/ Benson’s wife and she surrendered. Went through repentance/spiritual inventory with her and will baptize her next soon.


Aug 12

Wonderfully encouraging day. Great fellowship with new house church. Shared Kingdom with Isaiah’s wife and she surrendered. Will go through repentance/inventory tomorrow and baptize her. Then met with my son Isaiah’s disciple Sam and planned meeting with his entire family to share kingdom on wednesday. The fellowship in our house very encouraging. I had all attendees share a testimony. They all ta

lked at great length on how our presence, teaching, and fellowship have changed their lives. One woman said the teaching on freedom from sin led her to share with her drunkard husband and he quit drinking. Many others shared teachings with MANY others. Message is proliferating. Cindy and I were ready to give up on fellowship in lieu of one on one discipleship. however, fellowship is having a huge impact. Many powerful evangelists, disciple makers, and just changed lives coming from the fellowship. God’s timing to reveal this fruit was perfect. We persevere!

Aug 13

Baptized Isaiah’s wife this morning. Love it when a husband and wife surrender and repent together. Their odds of fruitfulness go up substantially when they are in unity. God is great!


Aug 13

We have three new microloan applicants awaiting funding for small business loans. Please consider funding these folks to supply their needs and allow them to finance their Kingdom expansion efforts. http://kingdomdriven.org/microloan-candidates-awaiting-sponsorship

Aug 14

Awesome teaching today. i brought 125 tracts and ran out. at least 150 folks, several dozen pastors. bout 50 stood outside and listenned to me teach over 3 hrs w/o a break. humbly, must admit, very annointed session. the entire town is in an uproar. they were amazed. these folks see me around town all the time. now they know why i am here.

Aug 15

Much buzz around town bout yesterdays teaching. met w several today and preached kingdom. cindys disciple annette reported Much fruit from multiday mission in unreached Pokot. rose went to another location preaching kingdom. two 3day missions start tomorrow. david w team in south and me and team near Kitale. pray for Holy Spirt to show up like He did yesterday. silas teaching kingdom to many pastors in another town tomorrow. Pray also for monica. very sick. prayed for her today. she is near death. after praying she was laughing and said she was shining inside. still sick, but evidence HS was doing something. Still awaiting funds for one microloan. 4 more aps received today as well. pray w me for provision.

Aug 16

david taught 41 pastors. one a catholic priest. 10 surrendered, including the priest. lk10 tomorrow. i had bout 50 in my mtg, under a dozen pastors. great reception. teaching house church and lk10 in the field tomorrow. waiting for silas’s report.

Aug 17

David had fruitful mission; 7 surrendered and many will be baptized tomorrow. My team saw at least 10 people surrender. Both Luke 10 missions very successful. Trainees amazed by the teaching and the fruit.

Aug 18

Here is a cool report. First, David baptized three and Lk10 field effort rained out. We praise God for three souls!

Now my report. Many surrendered–about 12. But not all ready for baptism on our tight timetable. Silas ministered to a grou

p of 9 drunkards yesterday. The host was very interested in the message as several others were. Silas got me and told me they were interested. I told them sober up and I would visit today with a message for them. Well, there were 4, but one had to attend to other matters. Another joined us and surrendered but then bailed on baptism (Catholic). The three were a thrill. A brewer and community drunk, his wife, and their neighbor. Wow! Surrendered, went through inventory/repentance, even watched them pour their alcohol on the ground! Then, the very public baptism in a one horse town without even one horse. He was witnessed by the drinking community and church community! Then the procession down the street singing and waving branches as we reenter town. What a scene! Here is the highlight. He was estranged by his Christian family. His biological (and now spiritual) brother and family were praying for him for a long time. Real life prodigal scenario. His brother came to visit today after much prayer just with the intent of sharing the Gospel with him. He arrived to a huge commotion–a large procession of singing and arm waving. To his surprise, it was the community celebration of HIS BROTHER BEING SAVED! Icing on the cake to hear this story! Pics in next posts.

Oh yeah. Teaching and all went great. These guys are fired up and united behind the Kingdom! This one horse town without a horse will never be the same again!



Aug 18

Video of David’s mission. That is Noah, David’s disciple.


Aug 19

We have five more small business microloan candidates from the Nairobi house church network. Also, one of the three candidates from the prior group of is yet to be funded. Please consider providing the one-time boost these families need to sustain them henceforth. Here are the profiles: http://kingdomdriven.org/microloan-candidates-awaiting-sponsorship

Aug 19

At our home, AWESOME HOME FELLOWSHIP. Kiminini fellowship not ver strong. Working it, but I see host needs prayer. Others in the group are stronger, but only know swahili so i struggle discipling them. Planned on focusing on the host so he can disciple the rest. Now looking at plan B; I have a strong disciple a mile away. Pray with me for breakthru.

Aug 20

Received report from Erustus from Mumius about business loan. He said it was a major blessing, the business is doing great, he is now FREE and preaching/discipling full-time! His wife works the shop while he is in the field. He goes over sa

les and sets profit aside for repayment each evening. David Wanjala shared an identical story. Now full-time Kingdom minister, family provided for, and not a burden on anyone! Please help others do the same. These candidates are ALL Kingdom Christians with hearts for discipleship. You will not simply be providing for a needy family; you will be empowering saints to get busy on the mission of preaching the Kingdom and making disciples!


Aug 21

GLENN arrives in Nairobi in 7 hours. very excited. David will collect and host him for a day and he will get to meet the kingdom saints in the nairobi house churches. he does not arrive in kitale until Friday–second day of 3 day mission. met w three disciples today. real strong in the Lord. love these guys. they really get it. organized for mission thurs thru sat and another tues thru thurs.

Aug 22

Glenn has arrived safely and is going to kitale today!

Aug 23

Great mission today. taught gospel of kingdom, discipleship, and freedom from sin. went excellent. bout 100 present. Davild heading th massai. Four more ready for baptism at eastern. david will go saturday. glenn doing great.

Aug 26

Finished mission. Taught and did Lk10. Numerous surrendered. Baptized two in beautiful river. These folks assured me they will continue the work and do everything they have been taught. Great experience for Glenn Roseberry.


Aug 26 second post

Report from David:

” I have just arrived in Kayole.

O ltiasika is at a stone-throw distance to Tanzanian border near Mt. Kilimanjaro.A place of no phone network,folks travel over 40 km to the shopping centers,ups and downs surrounded by hills,no sufficient food for the residents.People stay in MANYATTA,cow-dung walled rounded huts.You have to bend so low to enter the houses while on Luke 10 styl

e.No clean water to drink.

I taught 45 psts and leaders,they allowed me extend to mid-night,very obedient and persevering.Taught kingdom message,discipleship,freedom from sin,church planting and went out Lk 10 style with 20 psts.We reached 30 people in the villages with the GOK in 3hrs.15 surrendered,did spiritual inventory,ready for baptism but have to travel for 40 km to find water which is paid for.Unfortunately we had no funds and could not communicate due to poor network.

We planted two house churches and agreed to go back for baptism.Pastors amazed and promised to start house churches.We prayed for many sick people and we expect healings. You can access some of our photos on my f.b posts.

Please pray for me.Very exhausted and chest pains.


Aug 28

Visited house church of all new believers sunday with Glenn. Then home fellowship in my home. David baptized 4 yesterday. We visited a disciple in hospital. 3 yr old Sammy has TB. pray for him. things not looking good. then fellowshipped with others. organizing mtg w local priest. then organized Kimosi mtg for today thru thurs. big team for this mtg. david still sick. may come for day 2. Pray for Gods presence.

Aug 29

Left mission early. Organizer one strange person. Nobody to teach. Spent day teaching team. This guy just ruined it for all legit pastors who know how to organize meetings. Will no longer accept pastoral invitations w/o more validation of interdenominational pastoral attendence.

Aug 30

Met w several disciples today. Prepped Henry to lead a mission accompanied by Silas for the next two days. Spent quite a bit of time w Rose encouraging her on mentoring her disciples. Met w Sam whose sister died last night. He now has 3 children to take in. Isaiah and I will attend funeral Saturday. Sam told me to bring 150 tracts and asked me to speak. Glenn off to Nairobi and soon Tanzania. Gerishom organized meeting at his place to share gospel tomorrow morning. I am trying to meet w local priest–pray for that.

Aug 30

Met w several disciples today. Prepped Henry to lead a mission accompanied by Silas for the next two days. Spent quite a bit of time w Rose encouraging her on mentoring her disciples. Met w Sam whose sister died last night. He now has 3 children to take in. Isaiah and I will attend funeral Saturday. Sam told me to bring 150 tracts and asked me to speak. Glenn off to Nairobi and soon Tanzania. Gerishom organized meeting at his place to share gospel tomorrow morning. I am trying to meet w local priest–pray for that.

Aug 31

I went to Gerishom’s today (the Muslim convert) and shared the Kingdom with 8 folks who gathered. All surrendered, all publicly confessed and repented (spiritual inventory) and I organized to baptize them. Well, only four showed up on time

to be baptized before the rains. Four more scheduled for Monday. That is Isaiah in the water with me, a recent convert, and a perfect stranger on the shore translating for me. Hey, you do what you have to do :).


Aug 31

I am a proud papa! Henry and Silas are going on their first organized training mission. Silas has been actively teaching small groups, making disciples and planting house churches, but Henry has been distracted. I have equipped them and they have just embarked on their first solo mission. David, as you know, is going strong leading his own mission team and seeing tremendous fruit. Tonny is active

making disciples and now doing follow up visits with the new disciples made during multiday missions. This is what it is all about: making disciples who make disciples.

Annette (a strong disciple and business loan recipient) went on a mission to the distant unreached wilderness of Pokot preaching the Kingdom with great response. She has a contact there whom with I have communicated. A KDM mission is in the planning phases. Rose (Mama Georgie) suffered the loss of her mother and has been slowed down. However, her new business, funded by KDM, is going strong. The other Rose (not Mama Georgie) has been actively sharing the Kingdom and organizing meetings. She has attended several of the recent missions. Our network of disciples is out there doing what they have been taught and modeled with great fruit.

I’ll report what I did on my “day off” in the next post. Photos on the other machine.

Sep 1

Shared kingdom at funeral. went excellent. met w many disciples. productive day considering 4 hrs at a funeral. the woman who died was the one i prayed for at sams house couple weeks back. HS did something. she was at peace since then though she seemed out of it when i shared. she prceeded to confess and repent following the mtg and made peace w everyone.am confident she made it. praise God.

Sep 2

Great day of ministry. Kiminini house church met at a different house. Couple of the newly baptized folks present. Others did not make it due to the change of location. Some poison spreading—rumor that hanging out with the muzungu (white man) results in free food. Truth is, we have helped some really poor folks, and now numerous really poor folks want my company. Solution is to place an African be

tween me and the new disciples. Silas and Rose are stepping in with this group of disciples. Want to stand Isaiah up as the disciple maker of the group. He is hosting now. Please pray for work and resources for these very poor folks. Also pray for wisdom on when to be generous and when to be cautious to avoid making “rice Christians.”

Great home fellowship in Nyasi. Rose had great testimony. She was in a very severe wreck—one I actually saw scene. This was the wreck that caused me to start using the big bus and sitting in the back seat in small vans. She was the ONLY survivor to make it without serious injury. She gave her life to God’s service as a result and days later met us–we totally mobilized her! Been a prize disciple since. Please consider funding her microloan. She will do a lot for the Kingdom if freed up with a good business to care for her family.

David baptized two today at Eastern. Henry’s meeting went very good, says Silas.
We praise God!

Sep 4

Yesterday had two meetings with groups of pastors. Did much teaching. Was very fruitful. Also got a job for one of my unemployed disciples, Isaiah. Very happy about that. Thanks for praying for that. Can you believe his rent under 4 dollars a month and he is behind two months on rent? A whole different level of poverty.


Mumius Mission Report: A Case Study for the KDM Model

Awesome mission. This was an exciting mission and a meaningful one because this was the first mission after having my work permit in hand, the first mission with the full fully-trained team, and the first mission using our new ministry model that has been perfected based on the experience of prior missions. And the results: IT WORKS!

Our model is simple: me or one of my mission team coordinate with a contact who is familiar with our message and method to organize a meeting at their location. I order books, Bibles, and tracts from Nairobi. I pull the team together, David from Nairobi, Tonny from Maridadi, and Henry who is my neighbor here in Kiminini. Then we travel to the mission location. Then I teach for a day or a day and a half. I first present the Kingdom Gospel, then multi-generational discipleship with emphasis on total surrender (Luke 14) and authentic repentance (completing a spiritual inventory). Then I teach about home fellowships (church planting), Luke 10 evangelism methods, and ministering to Muslims. Then me and the three leaders form groups of three or four and we storm the area with the Gospel of the Kingdom message using the tracts. We seek out men of peace, preach the Kingdom, and pray for healing. We take those who receive to surrender. We then follow up to bring them to repentance and baptism (spiritual inventory). Then the locals we trained continue with discipleship, organizing into home fellowships, and continued Luke 10 style evangelism.

We have perfected this model. It is not simply theory. It really works. Here is a case study.

We recently received a donation for Bibles and had some in stock. We also had tracts. So I just ordered 30 Kingdom Expansion Series books (which teach all mentioned above) and had David bring them with him from Nairobi. I had several Shepherd’s Storybook copies in stock. I normally bring two Swahili for every one English and it normally works out. I sent funds ahead for the team members to meet at my home. We fellowshipped there in preparation for the travel to Mumius. I coordinated with Erastus, the pastor from Mumius who gathered the folks for the meeting. After a four hour trip, I began teaching Thursday at 10 AM. He had six pastors in attendance from the area and then his congregation. Now Mumius is a Muslim stronghold, much like Mombasa. It is about 50% Muslim in the area. As a result of historic opposition and even violence, there is much fear to evangelize there. It is also a dark place, the source location of the tribal violence in 2007 which resulted in many deaths there. The horrors are still fresh in their minds. It is also the location of a kingdom. Yes, an actual monarchy within Kenya. Amazing. Many demonic strongholds there.

So after hearing the teachings these folks were just amazed and totally fired up. They now knew the Kingdom Gospel, how to present it, and our collective mission of making disciples and how to do it. We wrapped up for the day and I continued to teach the leadership into the evening. Now Satan was attacking in multiple ways. One, there was a misunderstanding about who would be funding food for the attendees. KDM literally didn’t have the funds available and neither did the locals. In the end, Erastus took his rent money and paid and the Carriers reimbursed him. Erastus’ daughter (3 yrs old) had malaria and serious pneumonia. She was hospitalized and his wife was in the hospital day and night. He had to rush her to the hospital in the middle of the night after the first day and did not sleep a wink that whole night.

Next morn, I mobilized the troops with Luke 10 evangelism and methods for ministering to Muslims. I also briefly discussed the objectives of planting home fellowships. We then prayed it up and set up into four teams with each team lead by one of the KDM crew. We went in four directions, house to house sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom to 34 homes the first day. Only two doors slammed in our face. Nearly all who heard the message received it as true. Over a dozen surrendered completely to it. And the shock to the locals there, out of at least ten Muslims presented the Gospel of the Kingdom, only two rejected it! Another miracle: the very predictable daily afternoon rains were held back for all three days we were there. The locals were in awe! Another miracle: a mute boy opened up a Bible and read: “Jesus entered the villages and healed all their diseases.” His mom, in shock, had no choice but to surrender to the Kingdom.

The next day two teams went back to the field for more evangelism and two went to the river for baptism. At the river, David went through their spiritual inventories, prayed through repentance, renouncing the enemy, and releasing victimizations. One disciple was slain in the Spirit when her list was burnt. A clear demonstration of the truth of what we were doing. Erastus was amazed.

Now, as part of this case study, I want to share the cost of this mission. Because it is our intent to do one of these a week. In fact, when my three partners are sufficiently trained, and they can teach what I teach, we will send all three of them out leading teams. So within a year, I want to send out four teams per week.

Here is a the breakdown:

We gave out 4 Swahili New Testaments (only given to Muslims on this mission). They are $3.38 each.

We gave out 30 Kingdom Expansion Series manuals. We set out to limit them to leaders, but it seems that at these events, everyone is instantly a leader. They are $1.91 each.

We gave out 5 Shepherd’s Storybook (to key leaders who will oversee house churches). They are average $1.78 (Swahili and English have different page count).

We handed out at least 100 tracts. I did not count them. They cost $0.10 to $0.23 each, depending on where we print. We ran out on this mission and had to copy more at the higher price.

So our entire literature budget for this mission was $13.52 + $57.30 + $8.90 + $15.00 = $94.72

Now transport costs for gathering the team and going to and from the mission and motorbikes for the trip to the river for baptism: $100.63

Food for the attendees and the team for all three days: $77.50 (paid by Carriers personally)

Other emergency aid for needy at Mumius: $62.50 (paid by Carriers personally)

So the total for this very fruitful and effective mission, which is really quite representative of the missions we are planning weekly going forward, is: $335.35

Now, I share all this with you because we need your help. We are ready to do the work, and are planning missions weekly going forward. However, we have no funds in the coffers. The model works. It is extremely low budget. This is grass roots and organic. But there are expenses. So please prayerfuly consider funding a mission.

God bless you,

Marc Carrier
From Kenya

More updates from Facebook posts

April 9
awesome day in maridadi. discussed plans for orphan care, planned mission for couple weeks out, and lots of teaching. these guys are a great encouragement. one young man had experienced night terrors ever since violent sexual abuse as a child. prayed for him for forgiveness, release, and deliverance and he has been free of nightmares for a month now. God is awesome.
April 12
met w silas and henry yesterday. planning upcoming mission in kiminini and maridadi. spoke to immigration, nairobi trip postponed until friday. slow and steady wins the race. concluded that a motorbike is needed for intervillage evangelism and travel. shopped all the local models. will check out others in nairobi as well. once we settle on model will work with mission board to raise necessary funds. pray for wisdom and provision.
April 13
Awesome mtg. teaching tomorrow about surrendre, commitment, and repentence to 20 baptism candidates. i tond henry we’ll be lucky if we still have 10 when i’m done teaching. he said he would be happy w 5. amen. Bros visiting next week. you will be present for the baptisms!
April 15
Just returnrd from open air mtg. taught kingdom of God and count the cost. not what organizers expected.
April 15
Just returnrd from open air mtg. taught kingdom of God and count the cost. not what organizers expected.
April 17
Busy day. received brothers from the US. tired them out trekking many miles running errands all over nairobi. they said they wanted to go but i dont think they had a clue. they struggled to keepp up w me and patrick. they are now napping. training mtg tomorrow. big turnout anticipated. appreciate prayers.
April 17
Awesome fellowhip and teaching tonite. very encouraging. found the motorbike i want to get. yamaha ybr125. will be a great asset for mission.
April 18
awesome mtg. lots of heated discussion early on. by end all were in agreement. tremendous. going out two by twos tomorrow.
April 20
major fruit going out lk 10 style. we had five teams of 2 or 3 preaching the kingdom house to house in slums. we were invited in, taught, shared, prayed and allowed the HS to do the rest. message well received. many tears, repentance, and commitment. highlight was a prostitute turned disciple. she repented and was baptized and is now being cared for and discipled by the house church here. led to the Lord by our most novice discple in training on the US team, daniel. follow up from earlier training mtg. all 20 pastors have come back to the coordinator of the mtg to say they recognize they have heard the true gospel and will embrace it fully. david will guide them through the changes. glory to God.
April 20
Another great day. everyone is trained, practiced and fired up. the US team will never be the same. the poverty has impacted their perspective forever. the receptivity of the kingdom has also mobilized them to action. the kenyans, equally encouraging mission. they are mobilized and trained. fruit, yup. lots of very good responses today. im exhausted, but really pumped.
April 21
team now on the road destination kiminini from nairobi.
April 21
americans, nairobites, now at the carriers in kiminini. ugandans here soon.
April 23
yesterday was teaching at my house and watched baptism of 14 kenyans in the river. it was awesome. these were the folks henry and i reached going house to house. henry finished going thru spiritual inventory w them all saturday and burnt the papers. steven was rebaptized by charlton. mama, the formerly paralyzed woman walked into the water herself!
April 24
today was equally exciting. much to share. woke up early to plant crops barefoot in field. washed each others feet then fellowshipped. maridadi crew late due to rains. my sickness grew unbarable and i went to kitale w charlton for lab work and meds. yup, confirmed malaria. 62 cents for lab work and 6 dollars for prescription. love their medical establishment here! great time showing charlton around. special ordered a bacon cheese burger at best restarant in town. was terrible sick, by now, but was great time. he said he received confirm from Lord that this is the place for his family. teams meanwhile stormed the villages w gosp of kingdom. many received message. two will be baptized tomorrow so far. many want to learn more. ministry team amazed by harvest. ugandans on team changed forever. God glorified. village being transformed. more reports from meri dadi saying familiwes and village transformed. God is awesome. thanks Lightners for thoughtful care package. isaiah loved the aviation book, all priceless. we luv u all. lu u all.
April 24
More fruitful ministry. daniel overwhelmed to have listened to the spirits leading and have found man of peace. baptized onen rains interfered w others. i feel worse than ever, apparently normal when treating malaria. renee has it too now. to God all the glory.
April 25
lots of fruit today. several men of peace. i felt ghood enough for half day in field. baptized a priests son. he will likely be disowned, but said he had to cuz he has heard the truth. very receptive to kingdom gospel here. our team is really fired up. team has rexpanded. one whom wee baptized was going out w us. to God all glory.
April 27
much fruit. some supernatural as well. one house child was sick. person had a dream child was healed and he was. also had dream a white man would enter their home and teach about Jesus. if you knew how remote a possiobility that was. this place is very remote and never received a white man. well, dream come true, healed and saved. another group was startled by our yteam in midst of drinking gathering. one man ran home to avoid them to find another team there at his door. he knew he was a marked man and repented did all at the party. love watching God at work. too many reports to list. great stuff.
April 27
some of the best rpts yet. old woman confessed all sins and called whole fam in to receive msg. michaels team also found man o peace. grt rpt. i went to town center w charlton no translator. first person i met invited us to speak to all in largest high school in town. taught all students and teachers, 130 Tot entire msg of kingdom. totally received. youth then went home to share w families. nairobi team cont discipling after we left. done spiritual inv w all newbies incl formr prostitte. they baptized three more and still going. glory to God!
April 27
another rpt just in. steven was asked by a man what he was doing. he said making disciples. he said he was a disciple. so steven said “you obey everything Jesus said” and left him. he was so convicted he joined our team later in the day where we were staying. went through everything. total commitment, even did the spiritual inventory and burned it. glory to God for this new disciple.
April 29
grt fellowship back in kiminini last night. heading to nairobi to see everyone off today filmed many testimonies. maybe they will make youtube later.
April 29
en route to nairobi. mission winding down.
April 30
slept in home in nairobi last night where house church meets. several of the new disciples, including the former prostitute were there for followship. americans flew out early this morn. i will be meeting and encouraging the disciples and conducting business while here. pray with me to locate a professional illustrator to produce a kingdom gospel tract in multi languages.
May 1
big praise. for those who have seen gospel of kingdom presentation w classic atonement, i have an illustrator generating line drawing illustrations for a new multilanguage tract right now. that was one of the main objectives of this trip to the city. i believe all the to do yesterday was demonic attempts to derail this very important project. it almost worked ultil cindy and i both discerned it and stood firm.
May 1
Just finished fellowship w one of the nairobi house churches. great time.
May 2
tonite was fun. got caught in terrential rains treking to house church mtg. forced to take cover. divine appmt. preached kingdom w message well received. just received word of invite from ne kenya from pastor who attended nairobi mtg. he received message and broght kes book back w him. he infected his whole area w this radical brand of kingdom christianity and now all pastors in area want me to visit to teach them. will go w ministry team for multiday seminar/luke 10 mission w new tract/booklet in hand.
May 3
Still in town overseeing prep of illustrations. missing home and family but should wrap up tomorrow. jonah is w me here in nairobi. david was pulled aside by a couple and was invited in. he shared gosp of kingdom and went thru inventory right then. instant house church birthed. they were previously baptized, just recommited/repented when learned kingdom gospel.
May 4
Slow n steady, and pray the race will be won. power outages so frequent, progress on illustrations very slow indeed. got to share gospel of kingdom w illustrator and he will be visiting one of the house churches soon. day not a total loss. im sick w something new. on three meds. looking forward to being home tomorrow.

May 5

Im home.

May 7

The demonic forces battling against our presence are relentless. just received a report that my immigration file has gone missing the day the final signature was anticipated. the battle belongs to the Lord.

May 8

Cindy and I visited today with a young lady recently baptized along with several of her family members. all are growing strong in their faith. she mentioned being challenged to continually examine the fruit in her life and her obedience to Christ because of the teaching on John 15 by one of our missions teams. spent the day working on a pictoral tract of the Gospel of the Kingdom. Good progress.

May 9

new gospel of kingdom tract done english and swahili. five pages a4. that means about 12 cents a copy. swahili needs final review. im pumped.

May 10

went thru some of swahili tract today w translator. then met for several hours teaching kingdom, discipleshp, and simple church. he is a traditional church pastor wanting to transition. will go to mumius in coming weeks for mission there.

May 12

Interesting dream last night. A commander was coaching me and prepping me for an imminent battle. I was asking all types of questions. The commander was someone I know– Vic Barbara Clary Reffey–He said casualties would be high for the first wave but we would pave the way for many reinforcements.

This dream helped me understand the challenges we have been facing more clearly. For carnally, they make no sense. They are unprecedented. Here is the present status based on information from a trusted, informed ally. Our immigration file has been stolen again and not yet recovered. It only needs one signature. There is a cartel of folks thwarting its approval. I can’t share more details now. However, God is fighting for us. Two people were caught, fired, and reported to the police. We have an ally, a godly man, high up in immigration and the Director himself is working to see this permit through. Our visas expire next week. Please persevere in prayer and send some salvos to the beach to prepare for our landing. To God be all the glory.

May 12

nearly complete w swahili translation review and translated into french today.

The Gospel of the Kingdom tract is now available for download in English in e-book or for duplex and simplex printing here: http://kingdomdriven.org/purchase-resources

May 13

Swahili version of Kingdom Gospel tract now posted for download: http://kingdomdriven.org/purchase-resources French and Spanish soon. Taking requests for additional languages.

May 14

spent day w tonny, a real strong disciple. excellent time. tomorrow recording gospel of kingdom video tract ultimately for youtube. fyi, my immigration file was recovered today. uncertain on completeness. last time it was stolen three docs were removed.

May 15

audio recording of kingdom gospel teaching went excellent. a friend has a recording studio and let me use it. major blessing since acoustics horrible in our house. also all the children and neighbors cows make recording impossible. video production half done. hope to finish tonight. back to nairobi tomorrow.

May 16

in nairobi w david. since i left last week they have batized and added six more disciples–literally adding to their number daily like in Acts. tomorrow going to immigration. trusting the Lord for good results. friday, isaiahs bday, we are going to kawangware, have a man of peace ready w his fam to hear gosp of kingdom. printed 125 tracts while here. will print many more. i think sev hundred or 1000.

May 17

Busy day in nairobi. purchased 30 bibles for new disciples, 23 swahili new test and 7 niv full bibles. ordered the printing of 1000 gosp of kingdom tracts, 500 english and 500 swahili. Uploaded teaching of gosp of kingdom to our server for @charlton sweazy to post to youtube. real interesting thing at immigration. tune in later for the full rpt. keeping it hush for now. oh if you havent seen it, tune into the most recent post by @david wanjala. wow. this mission is the battle of the ages.May 19

Text of a recent email received from a gentleman in Nairobi:
Dear Marc,
I am “XnameX” writing on behalf of my wife and two neighbors, who gladly received the kingdom message from David whom we call the Apostle of this season. We were baptized last week after seeing things that I had never seen in life-demons manifesting through my wife? I had no option. had just to surrender for the kingdom life. yeah, I will be soon traveling to up country taking this message to the remaining members of my family before I come to settle here in Kawangware. We have a house Church-had never heard of this before, wonderful!. David is leading us on how to proceed,thanks to GOD. He told me some days ago that you are the head of the mission and you were to come today to Kawangware.

He has called me this morning informing me of the issues with your work permit and that you may not be able to be here today. Great blessings that you have given us a bible and some tracts of which David says will be bringing to us.
Hoping to see you especialy after I come from upcountry. Blessings

**Update to the message: As a result of spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom in this area, three more people have been baptized and the house church there is growing. Praise God!

May 19

taught gospel of kingdom to three folks today. message well received. pressing on in nairobi. isaiah returning to kitale tomorrow via ezcoach. i have more to do here in the city. but really looking forward to returning home to the family soon.

May 20

great reception of the kingdom message here in nairobi by many traditional pastors. being invited to many churches, some very large, due to davids networking. isaiah home. preached kingdom on the way and message received. when in kitale, isaiah showe the man through town to catch the right bus to kisumu, his destination. gotta love that boy. he engaged several people on the bus. apples dont fall far from the tree.

Tuesday 22nd

shared gospel of kingdom w one woman on bus and had good conversations and provided tracts for three american short term missionaries. really peaceful and relaxing ezcoach trip back home so far. almost to eldoret. couple hours until home. havent seen wife and family for a week now.

Tuesday May 22

here is a text to isaiah from the man he spoke to on bus:

evangelist isaiah, am back in kisii. your zeal when u were preaching to me in the ezcoach touched my heart. it sounded nice to listen to u as u were reading the bible touching the Gods kingdom. him elly

May 23

good to be home. enjoyed quiet day w family and attended to administrative backlog.

May 24

You just might be a Kenyan if…

…you use your cell phone as a flashlight during a middle-of-the-night trip to the outhouse

…a 5-liter kerosene container gets rinsed out and re-used as a water jug

…you carry gasoline in a plastic bag

…you are one of 5 people on a motor bike, along with a propane tank

…a motor bike can transport a complete living room set from point A to point B

…you put kerosene on your cat to rid it of fleas

…the medicine you get from the local chemist is labeled as a known carcinogen and is not available in the US

…you think that chewing sugar cane is a reasonable substitute for tooth-brushing

…you start looking for a hat and jacket when the temperature drops to 70 degrees

…you’ve never eaten cheese, chocolate, pizza, spaghetti, ice cream, or ground beef

…tea made with water is totally distasteful (because everyone knows that tea is made with milk!)

…cleaning the toilet consists of dumping a 5-gallon bucket of water into the potty area and letting it rinse down the hole

…a meal just isn’t a meal without ugali

…you jam 23 people into a minivan (matatu) with two hanging out the open sliding door traveling at highway speed (no lie, seen it!)

…you dance and scream at every church service, even a Catholic Mass

…you feel uncomfortable touching a sit-down style toilet with your behind and hover over it because you are so used to making your deposit in an open ground-level hole

…you wipe yourself with newsprint or any scrap paper you can find

…you fully expose your breast while someone is sharing the gospel with you to feed your hungry child (this happened twice!)


More updates from facebook

Sorry guys for being quiet on this blog. I do all my posts via phone and have been keeping people updated via facebook. Our internet connection is too slow for pictures and videos, so I figured facebook posts are good enough. But for those of you not on facebook, here is what you missed below. I also encourage you to go to our family blog www.valuesdrivenfamily.com to see what Cindy has posted. God bless you.

march 4

just spent several hours with a young pastor named silas who is a neighbor. our com was labored, but we shall meet again next week when i return from nairobi With copies of traslated resources in hand. also had some good com with two other visitors jane and doreen. jane is the woman doing our shopping and doreen is silas’s wife.

march 5

Excellent fellowship with house church leaders in nairobi slum. They totally understand the kingdom of God. going to ngo board and immigration tomorrow. pray for success doing issues with work permit.
almost forgot. shared w sarah for hours about kingdom from scriptures. she was tearful and said she always had these questions and finally got truthful answers. praise the lord.

march 8

Excellent meeting with brothers from Kitale Bible College. Very promising strategic partnership. They pretty much will be coordinating and setting up my training itinerary. Spent hours sharing and teaching about kingdom and discipleship and they were in agreement 100%. Going to get real busy for me real fast. First conference next fri/sat.

march 10

spent half day yest in kitale sharing w young man on kingdon. very promising. he was man i spoke of last week. coming over sunday. name is daniel. pray for him. met four others in village will follow up with. martin collin, denis and forgot other name. mtg with silas later today.

march 11

great fellowship w daniel today. he is at point of decision/commitment. seeing him in kitale tomorrow morn. he is perfect candidate for discipleship. pls pray him in.

march 13

Met w daniel and silas today and spoke to david and silas. practiced a lot of swahili as well. slow and steady wins the race.

march 14

You might be surprised to know it is chilly in the mornings in kiminini, kenya. don’t want to get out of the covers but have to. getting supplies to construct a well and meeting w daniel again today. also prepping for fridays mtg. will work on publishing the secret of the strength by peter hoover if time permits.

march 15

Just had two plus hours w a pastor in town. he gets it. his name is henry. he wants to introduce me to his bishop and set up a conference at his denominatios bible college. i lent him the kingdom thst turned the world upside down he has already read KES and has attended a kdm seminar and is in agreement. God is good!

march 17

exhausted. just back from incredible seminar. taught from morn till about 1 am last night and back at it this morn till 2. incredible hunger for the kingdom. full agreement bout 15 pastors and full house. they all want more. busy busy future.

march 18

Just spent hours with a man who literally came to my house and asked to be discipled to expand the kingdom. He is a very influential man in the community and knows english. he has a car and said we can use it whenever we want, just pay for fuel. gave him a book and the process begins. his name is jehosephat. pray for him.

oh, follow up from yesterdays mtg. a pastor was so convicted by the spirit, he gave his very nice church and property with a well to us to be used for the kingdom. pray with me for wisdom as we retro this property to be our first “forever family”, i.e. orphanage.

march 19

Just now another pastor i have been teaching Was over another hour plus of deep discussions about the kingdom. He asked me what he should do with his building. i, as i always do, told him i am no substitute for the holy spirit and he shall tell him. however, the spirit is telling me “vocational training center.” this pastor is very good at apprenticing the trades. the church is just a few hundred feet from both our homes. pray with me for the spirit to give him clarity and me wisdom.

march 19 again

Just back from house to house evangelism. went to about seven homes. very fruitful. solid discipleship w my translator and ministry partner as well. he gets it.

march 20

For those w insight, the one who did the evangelism w me just signed the blank piece of paper and now doing inventory. pray for him. got some big things to get beyond.

another man coming over tomorrow. pray for him also. Sorry, no names. too many of these guys are on facebook.

God is awesome!

march 21

Several hours going thru inventiory w one man today. he has decided to resign from his church to pursue the kingdom apart from his denominational burdens. cindy and i spent hoours sharing the kingdom gospel in our home w a woman i shared w door to door the other day. she is at point of surrender. soon. spent hrs w another young pastor teaching basics. he wants in but has a lot to learn. language is an issue ministering w him. more visitors planned for tomorrow.

march 22

just finished up a 3 hr session w another discipleship prospect. very fruitful.

march 22 again

Just had another couple hr session w another. i am certainly in my element here. glory to God.

march 23

Went to kitale today and met w two disciples for a couple hours.

visited nairobi aviation college for isaiah and they said they want to meet him. he said he cant officially be admitted to their program until he gets his Ged but could start coursework immediately. he is pumped. just ordered a ged prep book. for those who dont know, this boy is very committed to being a missionar bush pilot. he has already flown and has designed and built model aircraft that fly out of household trash. he has detailed spreadsheets that calculate lift and allows him to design per weight and thrust. he is into this stuff.

jonah saw a monkey on our road. he was thrilled.

march 24

Honeymoons over. classic evangelim allows for perpetual honeymoon. never have to get too deep. disciplesip demands you deal with the hard stuff. well, spent the day dealing w the hard stuff. constant reminder of the parable of four soils. of those who get past the the evangelism phase, two thirds get wiped out when it gets tough–the cost gets high, or due to worldliness. narrow is the way. please pray for my disciples. wrestling w the spirit now in progress. i pray the spirit prevails.

march 25

Slow day so far, but not over yet. spent a few hrs w a young pastor and visited a couple homes. saw a bunch of wild baboons. the disciple who was supposed to meet me at the house this afternoon did not show up. disappointed bout that one–progressing nicely with him thus far.

march 26

Met w 3 men today. all progressing nicely, but need lots of prayers still. two are pastors and one a man i met in kitale. names are henry, silas, and daniel. daniel is praying about making total commitment. will be baptizing him soon if he surrendres all. henry is wrestling with a tough issue he needs to get beyond. silas i gave a dictionary and two esl books. the language barrier is inhibiting discipleship.

still need prayers for work permit. not approved yet.

meeting planned w henry and silas tomorrow. wed still open. two other guys coming to complete inventory thurs. fri open and others coming sat.
also publishing in my spare time. doing a reference book on antenicene writings and secret of the strength. secret coming slow. other book should be finished this week. will let you know when complete.

march 27

awesome mtg w henry. he really gets it and has surrendred all to christ. he is officially my first disciple. has been a pastor for 20 yrs and decided to hang it up to preach the kingdom, make disciples, and plant home fellowships. he is very influential in the community, very respected. i am pumped.

march 29

Newest resource: “A Concordance of Ante-Nicene Writings” is available as a free pdf ebook here: http://kingdomdriven.org/purchase-resources. The pdf contains hyperlinks to topics on the table of contents for simple navigation. Read, learn, and apply. An affordable 8.5 by 11 paperback version will be available very soon.

Here is the backmatter: “The writings of the Early Church fathers are significant because they give us a glimpse into the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints. Their insight is valuable because many of these men were trained by the Apostles, and their native tongue was the Greek of the New Testament. They valiantly contended for the faith and a number died as martyrs, sealing their testimony with their blood.

The Ante-Nicene fathers emphasize that the Scriptures can be taken at face value, and that Jesus’ teachings are supreme and authoritative. Although some of their views seemingly conflict with modern teachings, their thoughts are not tarnished by centuries of theological theory and dispute. Their writings give us insight into what Kingdom Christianity once was, and what it can be again, if we would just return to the simplicity of the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles.”

march 29 again

fruitful mtg teaching wanyoni and tonny for hours. pressing forward w these men they have surrendered unconditionally and they and a dozen other men have completed inventory. pressing on w orphanage project. also praying about tonny being my full time translator. he rides a bike (taxi) and supports his family doing that. for $400 can get him four more bikes and have others ride to replace his income and give four riders a job. pray w me about this.

march 30

returned to the village where we went house to house. old woman who suffered a stroke and partial paralysis we prayed for last week we discovered on this visit was healed! glory to God. younger woman from the home visited our home last week and we shared a lot. well, our visit this time drew a crowd–about 25 or 30 people from the community shoed up. i taught for an hour and was well received. will follow up next wk w a teacing on repentence and baptize those who repent. GOD IS AWESOME.

march 31

Fruitful meeting w a brother from kimilili. shared kingdom gospel, multigeneratioan discipleship paradigm and NT practices w him. he is the head of an interdenominational evangelistic conference in the area. scheduled a 2 day training mtg for apr 14-15.

march 31 again

Interesting mtg w a disciple who knows very little english. Really forced me to learn a lot of the less common swahili words. Very fruitful. We really were able to communicate some deeper concepts. It was some work though.

apr 1

The rainy season has officially begun. it is amazing how all these guys predicted it nearly to the day without the aid of a weatherman. wow, when it rains, it pours. a note for you shortterm visitors coming in two weeks…get ready to get wet, real wet.

apr 2

Installed water tank and gutter. working on new picture book project for sharing gospel of kingdom. designed for simple translation into multiple languages. now looking for illustrator. hope to find someone local. pray w me for that. getting ready for upcoming trip. will share details after. Pray for success-that the Lord will go ahead of me and clear the way. that the enemy will be subdued.

apr 3

Meeting w house church leaders in nairobi. also handling church discipline issues and some discipleship. fruitful mtg w immigration and ngo board. optimisic. keep praying.

wed apr?

getting supplies this morn. then teaching at bahati, students and staff, expect 400 to attend. then meeting with several house churches gathered in one locale. these are real deal kingdom saints. really looking forward to it. last night taught kingdom and atonement about 80 percent in swahili. even read ALL the scriptures in swahili. this was a major milestone. one in attendence commented i was almost fluent. i was reading at the time. truthfulling, when teaching specific subjects like that, there are only about 50 words you need to know. and a few phrases. i just wrote those down on a cheat sheet for easy referce.

16 hrs ago??

Thought it would be a quiet day at home. had a good family devotion about good friday Been away for a few days. interestin how good friday is a national holiday here. did not think id do any teaching today. however, had a surprise unannounced visit of nine folks in their sunday best, two pastors, one im discipling. well i taught a good hour. very engaging. they had many excellent questions. i love this. God fills my schedule with ministry ops.



The importance of knowing the local language

We were asked if we wanted ripe bananas and were given some beyond ripe that made for great baking stock. Cindy baked some banana bread and gave some to the local village elder with the children. He returned the favor by sending his daughter with a chicken.

It was a small bird with its legs tied together. So we assumed: dinner, right? I asked her if she would take care of it or if we would “take care” of it–assuming dressing the bird for dinner. Well she said she wanted us to take care of it. So after some failed communication I pulled out a couple knives and she said mayai or “egg”.  Ahhh, she wanted us to “take care” of the bird so it can lay eggs for us. International incident averted.  Too bad too: I really wanted chicken for dinner!

Well i since went to the Gigamart in Kitale and purchased levels 1-3 swahili lesson books. I’m now in first grade. Gotta start somewhere.

Long awaited updates

I have a few things to say. But before I get started, I will post my recent facebook updates that I was posting via phone as this is my first post via computer.

Feb 26 post

We are here and have much to share, but need a full keyboard to do so. Hopefully real internet tomorrow. Just have phone for now. Looong trip. Jet lagged children and Cindy. locals fetching water daily. setting up home. very welcomed so far. lots of curiosity and gawking. very very rare to see a white family out here. appreciate prayers. love from kenya. carriers.

Feb 28 post

We are settled in. have phones. have internet. got solar (limited). cindy has a real stove with an oven. need to open a po box and bank acct still. house and furnishings all set. next few days will be establishing logistics and networking. water is fetched from a spring 1000 ft away. purchased a tank yesterday to collect rainwater and will install a well in our borehole soon. a local neighbor agreed to do our shopping every couple days as is not practical for cindy plus littles to trek 4 km daily for food (no fridge). kids got bikes and a kitten.

Wed post

Learning patience. Everything here takes forever. No one on a timetable. Get used to waiting around for hours. Must aim real low with daily hold. Also, i now know how celebrities feel being cases around. Can’t go anywhere witout children, Vendors, and gawkers everywhere to touch or sell to the muzungu. Will put this situation to advantage for ministry soon.
also corruption abounds. around every corner.

continue to pray for wisdom, open hearts and minds, and the Spirits leading for me and partners.

In Christ’s love


21 hrs ago post

Good day. successful trek to kitale. got mac on internet. shared bout kingdom w two folks. great response from one, ok w other. exchanged info for follow up. setting up seminar in kitale couple weeks out. going to kiminini tomorrow for well materials guttering and a larger battery. off to nairobi monday for business and networking. developing relationships in the village. covet continued prayers. have a local woman jane with limited english doing regular shopping and fetching water. she is raising seven children solo and our little help goes a long way..and she is a great help to us. boys going fishing tomorrow with neighbor kid. village elder gave us a chicken today after cindy gave him banana bread. in the discipleship game, slow and steady wins the race. charging computer now. pray blogs w photos and posts with proper grammar and spelling soon.

OKay. That brings non-facebook folks up to date. New post with more details to follow. Maybe some photos as well.

Love you all

M and fam