Facebook updates July 24 to September 4, 2012

July 24

We have six approved applications for small business microloans awaiting sponsorship. If you desire to provide for a business loan for a minister or needy family that will launch a business that will support their family henceforth, visit h

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For those interested in understanding the loan process, we have a thorough vetting process. All candidates must be a church-going Kingdom Christian in good standing, have submitted a thorough business plan, and be a disciple of a Kingdom Christian and be actively discipling others. A letter of reference from someone up the discipleship chain is also required. These are NOT applications from strangers!

Aug 1

Visited several disciples today. Two in hospital: one w sick child and one sick. Others at home and work. They are doing good. Three more strong disciples met w me and Cindy. Kingdom expanding in Kiminini. Prepped for three day mission starting tomorrow and another Mon thru Wed next week.

Aug 2

First day of mission done. Low attendance, but GREAT response.

Met one of my disciple’s disciples and he is very strong. You know things are working when you have strong disciples multi-generationally; the true measure of ministry success is the message and mission to carry to the next generation.

Aug 2 second post

David had GREAT attendance and response. 60 pastors. They said “this message came from God, not America.” Tomorrow they go to the field. Amazing fruit will come from that meeting. I praise God for my brother David Wanjala. He is really good.

Aug 3

Omar, man by whose hand God healed his father, former Muslim now responsible for leading 24 muslims to the kingdom, is baptizing 15 muslims today. There have been serious and credible death threats. Pray for his safety. He is prepared to die for Christ, but I do not want to send that report.

Aug 3 cont.

Great day. Omar baptized 15 Muslims. Great fruit on David’s mission. My mission going great. Team in the US staffing what we hope to be a fruitful conference. Here is David’s report. He had some photos of the sacrifice, but too graphic for facebook.

“Went out Luke 10 style with 60 pastors in the villages for 3hrs and reached 130 people with the gospel of the kingdom. 30 surrendered,going through

inventory tomorrow,baptizing 11. Pastors AMAZED. My group visited a home and found men sacrificing a bull to appease their gods, preached to them the message of the kingdom ,three surrendered and are amongest those ones to be baptized tomorrow. Find some pictures attached. Omar sent me a message that it all went well with the baptisms, he will be sending pictures. God bless you brother. I am now in a cyber in a small town.


Aug 4

Another great day. David baptized 11 as planned. Pastors were amazed and challenged and promise to start house churches. Pics will come eventually. My mission wrapped up. Two to be baptized tomorrow. We must pack changes of clothes. The issue was nothing to change into to baptize. Local pastor will do tomorrow. We also met with Sam (Isaiah’s disciple) and his wife on the way home after the mission. They surrendered and we completed spiritual inventory. Will baptize them tomorrow. Isaiah, yes–my 13-year old son, will disciple them. Love it.


Aug 5

Baptized Sammy and his wife Sarah today.


Aug 6

Muslim baptizing 15 other Muslims. Pray for him. His life is in danger. His family is in hiding in another country now and he plans to leave soon as well.


Aug 6 cont.

great mtg. 45 attending. great reception. taught kingdom, discipleship, freedom from sin. silas led two two kingdom out in field while i was teaching. great encouragement was report that moses, a trainee from mtg two years ago has 200 disciples and 13 house churches as a direct result of that mtg. made my day to hear that. he is taking disciples to complete surrender, doing inventory, teaching obedience and organizing into home fellowships exactly as i taught. glory to God!

Aug 6 cont.

New rpt in, vincent, pastor who hosted mtg last wk baptized 3 yesterday. makes 31 in 3 days. 15 fri, 11 sat, 5 sunday. amen. glory to God.

Aug 7

2 Great missions today. I finished teaching on house church and lk10 evangelism. went in field lk10 style. four surrendered. i did inventory w one. will baptize tomorrow. David invited to be one of several speakers at a pastors mtg. was given an hour. but they were so amazed all speakers asked to sit and david taught entire day. they then insisted david pull the team together from nairobi to take them in the field tomorrow for lk10 evangelism. God is awesome!

Aug 8

DAVID reported great mission. 10 surrendered and baptized 3. Pastors were amazed. Two house churches planted. I baptized three with several more scheduled to be baptized tommorrow by local leaders. On both fronts, all attendees amazed with teachings and fruit. Glory to God!


Aug 10

Great mtg w Biblica. SET UP RELATIONSHIP FOR ORDERING AND SHIPPING CHEAP BIBLES GOING FORWARD. set up program for ordering, printing and shipping literature as well. completed dependents passes for fam. travel thru night back from nairobi. traveled thru night last night as well. must return sat for a baptism and a mtg. both david and i ea have 2 mtgs next wk. big ones. praising God.

Aug 11

Baptized two today, Benson and Agatha. Then shared Kingdom w/ Benson’s wife and she surrendered. Went through repentance/spiritual inventory with her and will baptize her next soon.


Aug 12

Wonderfully encouraging day. Great fellowship with new house church. Shared Kingdom with Isaiah’s wife and she surrendered. Will go through repentance/inventory tomorrow and baptize her. Then met with my son Isaiah’s disciple Sam and planned meeting with his entire family to share kingdom on wednesday. The fellowship in our house very encouraging. I had all attendees share a testimony. They all ta

lked at great length on how our presence, teaching, and fellowship have changed their lives. One woman said the teaching on freedom from sin led her to share with her drunkard husband and he quit drinking. Many others shared teachings with MANY others. Message is proliferating. Cindy and I were ready to give up on fellowship in lieu of one on one discipleship. however, fellowship is having a huge impact. Many powerful evangelists, disciple makers, and just changed lives coming from the fellowship. God’s timing to reveal this fruit was perfect. We persevere!

Aug 13

Baptized Isaiah’s wife this morning. Love it when a husband and wife surrender and repent together. Their odds of fruitfulness go up substantially when they are in unity. God is great!


Aug 13

We have three new microloan applicants awaiting funding for small business loans. Please consider funding these folks to supply their needs and allow them to finance their Kingdom expansion efforts. http://kingdomdriven.org/microloan-candidates-awaiting-sponsorship

Aug 14

Awesome teaching today. i brought 125 tracts and ran out. at least 150 folks, several dozen pastors. bout 50 stood outside and listenned to me teach over 3 hrs w/o a break. humbly, must admit, very annointed session. the entire town is in an uproar. they were amazed. these folks see me around town all the time. now they know why i am here.

Aug 15

Much buzz around town bout yesterdays teaching. met w several today and preached kingdom. cindys disciple annette reported Much fruit from multiday mission in unreached Pokot. rose went to another location preaching kingdom. two 3day missions start tomorrow. david w team in south and me and team near Kitale. pray for Holy Spirt to show up like He did yesterday. silas teaching kingdom to many pastors in another town tomorrow. Pray also for monica. very sick. prayed for her today. she is near death. after praying she was laughing and said she was shining inside. still sick, but evidence HS was doing something. Still awaiting funds for one microloan. 4 more aps received today as well. pray w me for provision.

Aug 16

david taught 41 pastors. one a catholic priest. 10 surrendered, including the priest. lk10 tomorrow. i had bout 50 in my mtg, under a dozen pastors. great reception. teaching house church and lk10 in the field tomorrow. waiting for silas’s report.

Aug 17

David had fruitful mission; 7 surrendered and many will be baptized tomorrow. My team saw at least 10 people surrender. Both Luke 10 missions very successful. Trainees amazed by the teaching and the fruit.

Aug 18

Here is a cool report. First, David baptized three and Lk10 field effort rained out. We praise God for three souls!

Now my report. Many surrendered–about 12. But not all ready for baptism on our tight timetable. Silas ministered to a grou

p of 9 drunkards yesterday. The host was very interested in the message as several others were. Silas got me and told me they were interested. I told them sober up and I would visit today with a message for them. Well, there were 4, but one had to attend to other matters. Another joined us and surrendered but then bailed on baptism (Catholic). The three were a thrill. A brewer and community drunk, his wife, and their neighbor. Wow! Surrendered, went through inventory/repentance, even watched them pour their alcohol on the ground! Then, the very public baptism in a one horse town without even one horse. He was witnessed by the drinking community and church community! Then the procession down the street singing and waving branches as we reenter town. What a scene! Here is the highlight. He was estranged by his Christian family. His biological (and now spiritual) brother and family were praying for him for a long time. Real life prodigal scenario. His brother came to visit today after much prayer just with the intent of sharing the Gospel with him. He arrived to a huge commotion–a large procession of singing and arm waving. To his surprise, it was the community celebration of HIS BROTHER BEING SAVED! Icing on the cake to hear this story! Pics in next posts.

Oh yeah. Teaching and all went great. These guys are fired up and united behind the Kingdom! This one horse town without a horse will never be the same again!



Aug 18

Video of David’s mission. That is Noah, David’s disciple.


Aug 19

We have five more small business microloan candidates from the Nairobi house church network. Also, one of the three candidates from the prior group of is yet to be funded. Please consider providing the one-time boost these families need to sustain them henceforth. Here are the profiles: http://kingdomdriven.org/microloan-candidates-awaiting-sponsorship

Aug 19

At our home, AWESOME HOME FELLOWSHIP. Kiminini fellowship not ver strong. Working it, but I see host needs prayer. Others in the group are stronger, but only know swahili so i struggle discipling them. Planned on focusing on the host so he can disciple the rest. Now looking at plan B; I have a strong disciple a mile away. Pray with me for breakthru.

Aug 20

Received report from Erustus from Mumius about business loan. He said it was a major blessing, the business is doing great, he is now FREE and preaching/discipling full-time! His wife works the shop while he is in the field. He goes over sa

les and sets profit aside for repayment each evening. David Wanjala shared an identical story. Now full-time Kingdom minister, family provided for, and not a burden on anyone! Please help others do the same. These candidates are ALL Kingdom Christians with hearts for discipleship. You will not simply be providing for a needy family; you will be empowering saints to get busy on the mission of preaching the Kingdom and making disciples!


Aug 21

GLENN arrives in Nairobi in 7 hours. very excited. David will collect and host him for a day and he will get to meet the kingdom saints in the nairobi house churches. he does not arrive in kitale until Friday–second day of 3 day mission. met w three disciples today. real strong in the Lord. love these guys. they really get it. organized for mission thurs thru sat and another tues thru thurs.

Aug 22

Glenn has arrived safely and is going to kitale today!

Aug 23

Great mission today. taught gospel of kingdom, discipleship, and freedom from sin. went excellent. bout 100 present. Davild heading th massai. Four more ready for baptism at eastern. david will go saturday. glenn doing great.

Aug 26

Finished mission. Taught and did Lk10. Numerous surrendered. Baptized two in beautiful river. These folks assured me they will continue the work and do everything they have been taught. Great experience for Glenn Roseberry.


Aug 26 second post

Report from David:

” I have just arrived in Kayole.

O ltiasika is at a stone-throw distance to Tanzanian border near Mt. Kilimanjaro.A place of no phone network,folks travel over 40 km to the shopping centers,ups and downs surrounded by hills,no sufficient food for the residents.People stay in MANYATTA,cow-dung walled rounded huts.You have to bend so low to enter the houses while on Luke 10 styl

e.No clean water to drink.

I taught 45 psts and leaders,they allowed me extend to mid-night,very obedient and persevering.Taught kingdom message,discipleship,freedom from sin,church planting and went out Lk 10 style with 20 psts.We reached 30 people in the villages with the GOK in 3hrs.15 surrendered,did spiritual inventory,ready for baptism but have to travel for 40 km to find water which is paid for.Unfortunately we had no funds and could not communicate due to poor network.

We planted two house churches and agreed to go back for baptism.Pastors amazed and promised to start house churches.We prayed for many sick people and we expect healings. You can access some of our photos on my f.b posts.

Please pray for me.Very exhausted and chest pains.


Aug 28

Visited house church of all new believers sunday with Glenn. Then home fellowship in my home. David baptized 4 yesterday. We visited a disciple in hospital. 3 yr old Sammy has TB. pray for him. things not looking good. then fellowshipped with others. organizing mtg w local priest. then organized Kimosi mtg for today thru thurs. big team for this mtg. david still sick. may come for day 2. Pray for Gods presence.

Aug 29

Left mission early. Organizer one strange person. Nobody to teach. Spent day teaching team. This guy just ruined it for all legit pastors who know how to organize meetings. Will no longer accept pastoral invitations w/o more validation of interdenominational pastoral attendence.

Aug 30

Met w several disciples today. Prepped Henry to lead a mission accompanied by Silas for the next two days. Spent quite a bit of time w Rose encouraging her on mentoring her disciples. Met w Sam whose sister died last night. He now has 3 children to take in. Isaiah and I will attend funeral Saturday. Sam told me to bring 150 tracts and asked me to speak. Glenn off to Nairobi and soon Tanzania. Gerishom organized meeting at his place to share gospel tomorrow morning. I am trying to meet w local priest–pray for that.

Aug 30

Met w several disciples today. Prepped Henry to lead a mission accompanied by Silas for the next two days. Spent quite a bit of time w Rose encouraging her on mentoring her disciples. Met w Sam whose sister died last night. He now has 3 children to take in. Isaiah and I will attend funeral Saturday. Sam told me to bring 150 tracts and asked me to speak. Glenn off to Nairobi and soon Tanzania. Gerishom organized meeting at his place to share gospel tomorrow morning. I am trying to meet w local priest–pray for that.

Aug 31

I went to Gerishom’s today (the Muslim convert) and shared the Kingdom with 8 folks who gathered. All surrendered, all publicly confessed and repented (spiritual inventory) and I organized to baptize them. Well, only four showed up on time

to be baptized before the rains. Four more scheduled for Monday. That is Isaiah in the water with me, a recent convert, and a perfect stranger on the shore translating for me. Hey, you do what you have to do :).


Aug 31

I am a proud papa! Henry and Silas are going on their first organized training mission. Silas has been actively teaching small groups, making disciples and planting house churches, but Henry has been distracted. I have equipped them and they have just embarked on their first solo mission. David, as you know, is going strong leading his own mission team and seeing tremendous fruit. Tonny is active

making disciples and now doing follow up visits with the new disciples made during multiday missions. This is what it is all about: making disciples who make disciples.

Annette (a strong disciple and business loan recipient) went on a mission to the distant unreached wilderness of Pokot preaching the Kingdom with great response. She has a contact there whom with I have communicated. A KDM mission is in the planning phases. Rose (Mama Georgie) suffered the loss of her mother and has been slowed down. However, her new business, funded by KDM, is going strong. The other Rose (not Mama Georgie) has been actively sharing the Kingdom and organizing meetings. She has attended several of the recent missions. Our network of disciples is out there doing what they have been taught and modeled with great fruit.

I’ll report what I did on my “day off” in the next post. Photos on the other machine.

Sep 1

Shared kingdom at funeral. went excellent. met w many disciples. productive day considering 4 hrs at a funeral. the woman who died was the one i prayed for at sams house couple weeks back. HS did something. she was at peace since then though she seemed out of it when i shared. she prceeded to confess and repent following the mtg and made peace w everyone.am confident she made it. praise God.

Sep 2

Great day of ministry. Kiminini house church met at a different house. Couple of the newly baptized folks present. Others did not make it due to the change of location. Some poison spreading—rumor that hanging out with the muzungu (white man) results in free food. Truth is, we have helped some really poor folks, and now numerous really poor folks want my company. Solution is to place an African be

tween me and the new disciples. Silas and Rose are stepping in with this group of disciples. Want to stand Isaiah up as the disciple maker of the group. He is hosting now. Please pray for work and resources for these very poor folks. Also pray for wisdom on when to be generous and when to be cautious to avoid making “rice Christians.”

Great home fellowship in Nyasi. Rose had great testimony. She was in a very severe wreck—one I actually saw scene. This was the wreck that caused me to start using the big bus and sitting in the back seat in small vans. She was the ONLY survivor to make it without serious injury. She gave her life to God’s service as a result and days later met us–we totally mobilized her! Been a prize disciple since. Please consider funding her microloan. She will do a lot for the Kingdom if freed up with a good business to care for her family.

David baptized two today at Eastern. Henry’s meeting went very good, says Silas.
We praise God!

Sep 4

Yesterday had two meetings with groups of pastors. Did much teaching. Was very fruitful. Also got a job for one of my unemployed disciples, Isaiah. Very happy about that. Thanks for praying for that. Can you believe his rent under 4 dollars a month and he is behind two months on rent? A whole different level of poverty.