More facebook posts May 25 thru July 21

More facebook posts May 25 thru July 21.

May 26

Met w Silas and Gilbert today. Have a plan for continued discipleship. English a problem for Silas and Gilbert a good translator. Plan is to meet together as a group and also with Henry going forward. Should allow setting a good foundation here in Kiminini. Cindy taught about 20 women at a women’s mtg today. She shared a brief testimony and then went through the entire Gosp of Kingdom and left them with tracts.

May 27

great day of ministry. met w local doctor for hours over dinner. shared gosp of kingdom. excellent reception. jane asked for copies of tract to share w others. very encouraging. message is proliferating here in kiminini. her brother samuel read kes and asked for a swahili bible which i provided.

May 28

Went to Kachibora to share the Gosp of Kingdom w Davids family. Well received. Isaiah went out with Silas and Silas provided tracts to three of his disciples to go out preaching. Very happy with Silas. He gets it.

May 29

for u all following my posts about preaching the gospel of the kingdom, or wondering why we are kingdom driven ministries, watch the presentation posted on my wall entitles the gospel of the kingdom.
May 29 cont
follow up on yesterdays mtg. davids family held a long family mtg to go opver what i shared. they all agreed it is the truth and asked we return for two or three days to guide them on next steps–which are repentence and baptism. their neighbors also attended their mtg and also want in. the neighbors are now sharing the message w their family. i see a house church is conceived and will soon be born here. glory to God.
May 29 cont
In Nairobi now. Work permit approval notification letter in my hand. Going to immigration tomorrow morning to finally secure this permit.
May 30
The work permit is signed, sealed, and in my possession. praise God.
May 31
In eldoret. almost home. looking forward. enoch turns one tomorrow.
June 1
boys are in their element. just purchased them an old suzuki ds80.
June 2
met w tonny in kitale today. organized for home fellowship starting in our home tomorrow. really it is a fellowship w the objective of birthing new fellowships by discipling the attendees.
June 3
getting ready for fellowship. invited just a few folks. curious how many will come. will update later. very much look forward to it. miss our old church family in indiana a lot. hard starting over.
June 4
met w three men this morn. all three surrendered (lk 14, blank piece of paper). next week spiritual inventory. Cindy and i now in kitale waiting for lunch. children rule the roost today.
June 5
Met with John O. Peter, Dawson Mudenyo, and another brother this morning for teaching and fellowship. Great time. Love these guys. Tonny and David Wanjala coming from Maridadi and Nairobi in prep for the Mumius mission thurs thru Saturday. Pls pray the the mission.
June 6
two more disciples baptized in nairobi yesterday. message of kingdom shared w leader from tanzania. david sent him w tracts and KES. He requested I visit. As typical, he testified he had never heard this message before.
June 6 cont
Here is a link to a single detailed mission report for the first 90 days in Kenya.
June 6 cont
cindy ministered to two women today. one, rose, is on fire. i spent hours w tonny. good stuff.
June 7
Mumius mission with team: David, Henry, Tonny w me. first day of teaching done. overwhelming reception. taught gospel of kingdom and discipleship. went thru cost msg and inventory. tomorrow home fellowship, lk 10 evangelism, and muslim evangelism for a couple hrs. then lk 10 2x2s in field.
June 8
awesome mission. many saved. will baptize several sunday. visited 34 households. at least 8 muslims. only two muslims rejected the message. one mute child who had gone insane openned the bible and read “Jesus had entered the village and was healing all kinds of diseases.” mom was amazed and received Christ. no rain during entire mission. first time no rain in months at peak of rainy season. went to hospital and prayed for healing for many sick children. incredible reception to message. people ae amazed, trained, and mobilized. i love my job. entire team doing great, henry, david, and tonny. lead teams in villages.
June 9
mumius mission done. heading home. six baptized today after surrendering, repenting, and completing spiritual inventory. one slain by the spirit when list burnt. certainly got everyones attention.
June 10
Here is the most recent mission report with photos–a must read!
June 10 cont
Great fellowsip tonight. Folks asking good questions. Disciples doing great. Six received Gospel of Kingdom message today here in Kiminini area.
June 11
“From the little I have learned from others and through experience, I wonder if the current Church-Planting Movements have not taught international Christianity the viability of non-clergy movements, that everything Christ commanded can be accomplished without money, clergy, chapels and power structures. Put positively, the biblical patterns remain both viable and perhaps more effective, over time, than privileged, ecclesial power structures.” Mission Frontiers, May-June 2012, p 24.
June 12
Today is going to be my first “tourist” day in Kenya. I am taking Jonah to Mt. Elgon National Park for his birthday. Yesterday, I was coordinating meetings for Kimilili, Nairobi, and Kakamega. Got my driver’s license. Met with a couple of my disciples (Silas, Henry, and Tonny). Silas presented the Gospel to six folks on Sunday and they all received. He wants me to help him bring them to repentance and baptize them. Cindy met with Rose. She is on fire. She has presented the Gospel of the Kingdom to five people in the last week. Cindy is meeting with them today for next steps. Tonny has a couple new disciples. David is being challenged. He has been evicted due to renovations for his house. His permit for his new business (a KDM gift) has issues again. He is down, homeless, broke, and no business prospects. Please pray for him and his family. I gave out two copies of KES and several tracts. Lots of positive movement, bit also pushback from the enemy on the David front.
June 12 cont
jonah and i had a great time at mt elgon. saw many monkeys, buffalo, gazelles, water bucks, zebras and baboons. cindy met w 7 women, all women her new disciple Rose, our neighbor, presented the Kingdom gospel. These women now evangelizing the entire community. they love the kingdom gospel and want all to believe it. I am working a neighbor. he wants breakthru for alcoholism. working w him.
June 13
Microloan for grain resale given today. solar battery recharge, bicycle taxi, and an inventory loan for a shop near closure. all loans that will allow kingdom Christians freedom to minister while providing for their families. very rewarding work.
June 14
shared gosp of kingdom w group of 22 widows. all received. tomorrow teaching discipleship and house church.
June 15
follow up in mumius, two new house churches and three more disciples. all 22 widows trained, surrendered. henry doing spiritual inventories as i write this. back in kiminini, rose, cindys disciple, taking the kingdom to the people like a wild fire. she does community health ministry as a volunteer. all heart. love her.
June 17
Just finished up fellowship. There were about a dozen standing or sitting on the floor with about 25 seated. It is more of a seminar than a home fellowship. Today taught on freedom from sin and the spiritual inventory. Lots of new faces. These are not churchy folks. Nighborhood drunk here asking great questions. Glory to God!
June 18
Erastus from Mumius called David today and told him he has baptized six more disciples and gone thru spiritual inventory. Festus, the man whose wife had demons cast out, has baptized two new disciples. I an in Nairobi now prepped for a training meeting tomorrow. Picked up 100 more KES, 300 kingdom gospel tracts/booklets, and a couple dozen Bibles, in preparation for the next mission. God is great!
June 19
After Nairobi mission: Waiting to board my bus back to Kitale. Should be home by 7 am. Another nights sleep in a bouncy bus. Mtg went excellent. Bout 60 in attendance, 50 pastors. Entire message received. Incredible response. These guys are fired up. They will immediately start preaching the kingdom and making disciples and establishing home fellowships. Teaching on freedom from sin and inventory powerfully received. Testimony: “teachings are practicable and biblical.” followed by applause of agreement. Praise God.
June 19 cont
i am certainly adjusting to africa. i’M now putting on a winter jacket when temp drops to 60 F. praising God for my awesome jacket given me by my former employer Acuity Environmental Solutions right before I moved here. It costs more than i could ever justify spending on a jacket, but sure is perfect for out here doing what i do.
June 20
Home safely. rested well on bus. was still tired from night trip to nairobi and full day of training, so i slept great. great to be home w family. lots of accounting and administrative stuff to catch up w now.
June 22
Last wk stated neighborhood drunk at fellowship. Found out yesterday that he has been dry since the mtg. He is really a great guy–smart, talented, and personable when sober. Pray for him. Silas is doing great. The boys gave him a microloan and his business is thriving. Pray David succeeds in finding a new place for home and business. Two other personal loans given out since returned from Nairobi. Widows asked fro return visit. Ten Nairobi pastors asked for Shepherds Storybook which is a pastoral training guide for new house churches. I am supposed to get my motorbike today. If you intended on helping fund, please do so soon, as it is underfunded. We raised $700 and have $1400 to go to meet the need. I have three missions in the next couple weeks that will utilize it. Really excited about wheels! Water well near completion and parcel from the US that we shipped in February supposed to come soon. Things finally coming together. Excited. Schedule is filling up–objective is a mission per week. Tough on family me traveling so much, but I try to focus on family best I can when I am home.
June 22
Pls pray for Aniga, alcoholic who was dry for five days. He called me late tonite drunk, begging for prayer. pray also for Henry who i discern is at a crossroad. (turns out he was not drunk!)
June 23
Here is my new Yamaha YBR125G. Rode the children around and went shopping in town on it today. Isaiah and I rode together, he on his Suzuki DS80 and me on my bike, down the rural roads. — in Kitale.
June 23
Rose and Rose, Cindy’s disciples, shared the Gospel of the Kingdom with over 25 people today, with excellent reception. Amazing. She is doing multilevel marketing approach. Tells people if they were impacted by the message, organize their friends and family and she will share with them. Unstoppable! We are still working through setting a stronger foundation of discipleship with her and she (they) are receptive.
June 24
Awesome fellowship. Widdled down to the elite from a crowd. 15 today. Awesome stuff. Wk 1 was Gosp of Kingdom, wk 2 surrender, wk 3 freedom from sin, this wk bearing fruit, lots of kingdom parables, and the mission of making disciples. Great response. Lots of personal discipleship. Village drunk still sober. He told Isaiah that I disciplined him about drinking so he totally quit. God is awesome.
June 25
Met w 3 disciples today. Two did spiritual inventory. Cindy met with 6 women. Aniga still dry and doing good. New disciple George following church this Sunday. Lots of great progress. Festus baptized five today. New Yamaha a real blessing. Well set in borehole today. Can’t wait for pipes running water! Cindy has two training meetings tomorrow–follow ups w folks Rose shared with. I have a meeting Wed and a 3-day mission with the entire team in Kimilili Thurs thru Sat. Crazy week. Pls pray it all comes together.
June 26
Cindy taught gospel of kingdom to two groups today, one about 40 and one 10. !any follow ups planned, including full missions w the entire team. Anita, a solid disciple who works w youth, envisions Isaiah discipling her youth groups. People very receptive to message and hungering for more. We need prayers on how to quench this thirst. We need more laborers, Bibles, booklets, manuals, and time.
June 27
Met with two prospective disciples today. Presented gospel of the kingdom and NT practice to one w very good response. Foresee mission and fruitful relationship. Other even more promising yet. Planning seminar right here in Kiminini. Team now assembling for Kimilili mission which begins tomorrow.
June 27 cont
Email report from Festus:

“Thanks very much brother Marc,I received the Bibles Yesterday and the two house churches are on fire for Christ.My wife preached today to 3 ladies and insisted much especially on what happened to her when David was preaching to us and all of them surrendered.Have to baptize them before leaving for Nairobi.I have to meet David for more instructions.He promised me shepherds story books.


June 28
Grt mtg in Kimilili. Taught Gosp of Kingdom, discipleship, and spiritual inventory. Very well received. Nairobi house church disciples baptized three more today. Glory to God.
June 29
New report from Nairobi. Woman David baptized during shotterm trip led to another family being saved. That family moved to another location and just led three muslim mosque leaders who surrendered to the kingdom and asked David to return soon and baptize them. They are now sharing the kingdom with their coleaders at all three mosques they lead. huge stuff.
June 29 cont
First day of lk10 field ops. Four teams. About 20 received gospel of kingdom, four muslims–two i shared w personally. These guys are trained and mobilized. Amazing fruit. Gave them pep talk hard work ahead. Spiritual inventories and baptisms planned. One house church officially starting next Wed. Amazing stuff. God is amazing.
June 29 cont
Guys. I am just a bit overwhelmed and humbled by the amazing fruit of our mission model. The reports just keep pouring in, and they just keep getting bigger and better. And this is just the beginning. I am training the mission team to lead teams of their own. David will be ready in weeks to lead his own team. So pray with us that we are able to handle the demands of preparing/printing/shipping literature, organizing transport of the team, scheduling meetings, and obtaining sufficient funding. This and the orphan care and microloan/business training program. Also, the bible shortage is crazy. SIX OF THE PASTORS AT THIS MEETING HAD NO BIBLE.
June 30
Terrible sick all night w fever and severe aches and pains. Will visit lab today to see if I have malaria again. Appreciate prayers. Hoping just something else as I have a lot planned over the next couple days.
June 30 cont
Keep Cindy and family in prayer. Cindy teaching a large group of ladies today at a local church. Couple children sick and both parents on mission. I should return when her mtg is wrapping up.
July 1
David completed spiritual inventories w three Muslim leaders today and baptized them publicly in the presence of their Muslim friends. David was invited to present the Gospel of the Kingdom to a group of Muslims who were present This Thursday. Pray for the Lord to work wonders. This is some incredible stuff!
July 21, 2012Follow up on the three Imams. Full confirmation. These are bonafide imams of three mosques who publicly repented and were baptized. Many muslims in attendance asked David to share this message w them thurs. David is meeting w the new disciples today. I honestly have to belive this is an unprecedented historic event. Three in one day! Pray for all the members of these three mosques. This has caused quite a stir of confusion for these precious people. The mosques are in disarray. Pray for God’s wisdom, love, truth, and protection as He continues to reveal HImself to the people of Kenya.
July 3
STILL SICK. Consulting another doctor this afternoon. This week’s mission already delayed a day. The show must go on tomorrow. Pray for speedy recovery. Very weak and drained. Fever gone. Still gastrointestinal issues and sore lymph nodes in abdomen. Diagnosis seems right, but recovery slow.
July 4
Prepping for Mroki mission today. Appreciate prayers.
July 4 cont
Sooo busy. Feeling somewhat better. Or too busy to think bout how I feel. Did Mroki mission. Small crowd–bout 25. Came home and did another quick sharing at a group of 30 of gosp of kingdom. Doing inventory with Aniga tonite. Cindy taught kingdom at a church today, bout 15 folks. Silas on Mroki mission. Preached kingdom to 30 women w Aniga. Cindy went out and taught w Rose and Rose. All our disciples getting trained. Festus got a microloan and started his business today. Another close to securing a loan. Pray for Aniga, he has repented and abandoned an illegal profession and now desperate for alternative income. Another microloan this week launched three bicycle taxis today. That is one loan, three incomes. Another disciple struggling to find alternative income–a loan he has(from a bank) had a payment due today. Pray for him.
July 5
One of my disciples meeting with five muslims interested in learning about the kingdom this morning. pray for him.
July 5
Nairobi disciple met with 8 muslims today and presented the Gospel of the Kingdom, and 5 surrendered to the Kingdom, did spiritual inventory, repented, and were baptized.

In Mroki, I led 6 to the Kingdom at one location. We gathered a bunch of neighbors into one home. They all surrendered. Went through next steps and they are ready to repent and be baptized. I then coached a young pastor to go thru inventory w them, bring to repentance, and baptize them. Then I coached him on organizing them as a home fellowship and shepherding them from behind the scenes. I gave him KES and highlighted what we had just discussed and Shepherds Storybook for the brand new house church. Praise God for so much fruit in one day!

Oh, Cindy had a great day too. Met w two disciples with awesome progress. Kiminini is a rocking place for the Kingdom. We now have eight Kingdom Christians within a stone’s throw here–I mean almost all our neighbors. Really cool stuff. You go to the local market/shop on our street, and there are always a few Kingdom Christians there fellowshipping. Everyone notes how this place is totally transforming since we arrived. I praise God for this. It really makes the sacrifices and hard moments worth it.

July 8
Been sooo busy, no time to post. Cindy had mtg w about 20 yesterday. Great response. Coached Silas to go back to Mroki to prep nine folks ready for baptism scheduled for tomorrow. Finally received our shipment from US. Big blessing. Lots of visitors. Aniga and Silas, Rose and Rose, and Annette doing great. Kdmk annual mtg yesterday. Fellowship imminent here.God is awesome.
July 9
Taught head of a large ministry and group of about 15-20 gospel of kingdom. Wow, what a response. One pastor had a vision of heaven opennong up and this message coming down while I taught. Several surrendered including a muslim.He did in a great way. He got up and said he had never heard such a gospel and for the first time in his life he can say “praise the Lord.” I am beginning discipleship tomorrow. He said he wants to share this message with everyone he knows. Well, this organization shares much of our mission but has a 10 yr head start. They are mapped and organized regionally and will be instrumental for developing my itinerary. Praise God.
July 10
Spent afternoon with new disciple Yusef. He surrendered everything for the Kingdom. His wife is also on board. He totally understands the Kingdom and has so much faith. He lost his job as instructor at the local madrassa school and will also lose his apartment which is paid for by the muslim school. This couple makes ideal disciples. They embraced the Kingdom better than anyone I have every ministered to before. They already intend on starting a house church, preaching the kingdom to all, and making disciples. Did spiritual inventory today and gave them reading assignments prior to their baptism next week. You will here of this man again and again. I have extreme clarity that this man will be powerfully used for the Kingdom.
July 11
Cindy taught large group of women today, about 30, with weak response. Late start and all they cared about was wrapping up. I taught same group last week w same response. We are done with that group. We will let those who are serious come to us.
July 12
cindy did spiritual inventory w couple disciples today. i shared kingdom w 17. so far 2 surrendered. many believe but fear surrendering due to regional religious stronghold. praying to baptize several saturday. two who surrendered are married couple ready to start house church. festus baptized 8 today. glory to God!
July 13
Four surrendered and completed spiritual inventory today. Cindy has one disciple prepped for baptism. Festus planted two new home fellowships. Another fruitful day. God is great!
July 14
Several spiritual inventories and repentence today. One a feared witch. Two baptisms and one new house church. We praise God.
July 14 cont
Give to those who ask. What a clear command. Poses a challenge when folks ask all the time and the more you say yes, the more they ask. Trying to strike a balance between needs and wants, and filtering out manipulation and abuse. Pls pray for Cindy and I to be discerning and exercise wisdom. There is an assumption we are rich cuz we r white Americans, but in actuality have very limited resources.
July 15 cont
Finally home from the mission to Eastern Kenya. Training a new team from Nairobi: David on lead, Joseph, Noah, and Godfrey for Lk 10 teams. This mission not as anticipated. TOld to expect 50 pastors; found 15 widows instead. We did see many repent, including a witch, and started one new fellowship after baptizing a couple Justus and Elizabeth.
July 16
Just baptized three folks: a muslim leader and his wife (Yusef and Florence) and Rose’s son Georgie. Doing spiritual inventory with two folks as I write this. Also included are photos from the baptism of Justus and Elizabeth in Eastern Kenya.
July 17
The power of multiplication! I have a week off due to a scheduling mistake by the coordinator of the mission I had on the calendar for this week. But the work continues. David Wanjala was called to Kisii by Festus, his prize disciple who baptized 8 last week and planted two new home fellowships. The traditional (institutional) pastors in the area were in awe as to the enormous success of Festus’s ministry and asked me and David to go to Kisii and teach them. Well, since I had a mission scheduled and had several baptisms planned this week, we sent David solo. Below is the report from David.

“The Nairobi team spared the money you gave them and gave to me for bus fare to meet and teach in Kisii. Instead of 20, there were 23 pastors. I have successfully taught two kingdoms, freedom from sin, spiritual inventory, discipleship, and church planting. AMAZING! No one rejects. Went through inventory with 13 pastors. All promise to start house churches. They shall all be going out two-by-twos (Luke 10 style) tomorrow and Wednesday with Festus’s team. I am on my way back to prepare for Machacos mission. The 23 pastors in Kisii need Shepherd’s Storybook and 200 tracts. I have given them Kingdom Expansion Series.”

The consensus of followers of my facebook posts is that the amazing DAILY fruit of this mission is unprecedented and frankly, hard to believe. Well, we have done nothing in secret. Our mission message, model, and method is published and available for free for all. It is simply New Testament practice and early church doctrine applied in the most practical of methods. Low budget, no formal education, no institutional controls; just a movement launched multi-generationally and organically.

If you would like to see such fruit in your location, go to and read and apply the materials found there. We are literally just applying the field-proven resources we have published. Or if you want hands-on training, schedule a two or three week visit with us here in Kenya, and we will train you. You are very welcomed!

July 18
Many microloans going out. These are another tool used to keep our mission low budget and get a good team for a workforce. For example, you may wonder who supports David and Festus, or even Silas, Henry, Tonny and Erastus. These men are all KDM teammembers who receive not-a-penny of support. But they ALL have received one-time microloans or gifts to support their families which allows them to commit undivided attention to Kingdom expansion. Employees with no salaries: folks laboring for God’s glory, not a paycheck. Love it!
July 19
Here is a report from the front lines: from Festus, David Wanjala’s disciple, a man whom I have never personally met.

“David, the pastors and leaders appreciate much of what they heard you teach here. We have gone out with them in twos and today we have just baptized 5 people. The 13 pastors you went through inventory with them have started house churches already. The baptized 5 had no bibles and therefore I gave one each. They come from another village a bout 3km away and therefore I gave them the shepherds story books to start house churches.

By the way, did you realize that amongst those pastors you taught there was one visitor who is a senior man in Kenya Department of Defense? Immediately you left he came to me and said he had never heard of what you taught though he was in church for so long. I went through inventory with him and he told me to tell you that he is organizing for a meeting in Lanet barracks for you to teach a bout 120 soldiers for 3 days, then move to Eastleigh for other group of a bout 50 soldiers.He says he is doing it in one week from now. He asked me for your email and telephone number. This is awesome brother. You still have much to do. I will be in Nairobi shortly to see you and the progress of my business then back in the field.

The pastors liked the books especially KES and TWO KINGDOMS.

See you brother,

July 19 cont
Here is a great report emailed to me today! Some info concealed for security reasons.

“Hi Marc! I don’t know how to call you but from my point of view you must be an apostle. Well,i am one of the former 3 Imams if at all you heard of it,who surrendered to the Kingdom message which was preached to us by beloved David in ???????.We were baptized publicly and it brought rough time on us. We received threats to be killed by the rowdy Muslims so,we ran away with no intention of turning away from Christ whom we proclaim as now the Lord. David gave us bibles and Shepherds Story books.We started a house church in ???????? in one of our friends house who also accepted and surrendered and baptized him. We are living in a rental house, my house was burned immediately i ran away from ?????????.They stopped paying me even for the work I was doing. I called David and he sent me some of his clothes for us and our children.This doesn’t shock us, Jesus says it is blessings to be poor, I just read it Yesterday.
We have been secretly teaching this message to our Muslim families here and now we have 17 Muslims converted by the Gospel of the Kingdom. We are baptizing them tomorrow about 5 kilometers away from Muslim community.The strategy is that after baptism we send them to our extended families far apart to ensure that all our families have received this message. we are doing this immediately. I will be back to ??????? ?????? evening to collect my documents i left with one of my friends.I will look for David and be back by ????????. Now, though this is happening, the challenge is that we have no resources until we get on our feet again.This dear ones need bibles, Kingdom Expansion Series,tracts and shepherds books. If KDM can be able to support us for the time being at least 25 English bibles, 15 swahili bibles and as many Kingdom Expansion Series and Shepherds storybooks as possible just for once because we are organizing to start buying ours with the funds that we are expecting. Please help us if this email reaches the head of this missions. Otherwise, blessings.

?????????, ?????????”

July 20
Text from David at Machakos mission following full day of teaching, Day 2 of mission:

“Went out just 3hrs, 40 people were reached with the kingdom message, 18 surrendered, taking them through spiritual inv this afternoon as pastors watch, baptizing 8 tomorrow morn. The msg on the tracts and Luke 10 amazes ppl. bro, you brought revival here.”

July 21 (this morning)
Taught gosp of kingdom to 18 yesterday. well received. 4 pastors present. encouraging testimonies after. highlight was a woman who attended teaching two weeks back who was very sick, likely malaria, testified that she was healed when i had prayed for her. an observation. seen miraculous healings in the US, but pray for 10 and see only one. here, pray for two and see one healed. i think it is their God-RELIANCE, FAITH, AND SPIRITUAL WORLDVIEW. They have no money for alternative care, and deal with curses and witchdoctors as common fare. so a disproportionate number of healings here. in west, you reach for advil when you have a headache. they pray. annoyance is they want me to pray as if i have the power, and not the God i serve. funny story. woman had bad headache and asked for prayer. prayed for her and then offered her advil. she refused meds cuz headache was instantly gone. we had several healings at the eastern mission. one elderly widow had tingling in her left arm, sign of possible heart condition. immediately healed.