The Story of Faith Anita

Not too long ago, Veronica, wife of John and mother to 6 year-old Faith Anita, came to visit us at Kingdom Driven Ministries with her little girl. Here is their story, in her own words:

“In the year of 2012, when my daughter was 3 years old, we saw a small node on her back but we never knew what it was. We thought it was something that would go away after a little while, but to our great surprise it kept on growing and growing until it became a huge mountain on her back.” As we interviewed her, Veronica’s eyes filled with tears, but she continued. “We thought of taking her to hospital for medical assistance, but before we took the step, another bad luck came upon us; my husband was fired from his work as a watchman, and so we were unable to afford even our own meal. We were forced to watch our daughter’s condition deteriorating day after day. We thank God for bringing Silas our way, who shared with us about Christ and linked us with Mzee Timothy.”

As you can see in the photos, this painful deformity has affected little Faith normal growth. We yearn to help this family and bring new hope to them. We are likewise sure that many of our faithful supporters will be moved with compassion to help this young girl. However, we are not even sure what to ask for. We are not doctors, and Faith has yet to see a medical professional regarding this problem; we would only surmise that it could be scoliosis or perhaps spinal TB. In either case, treatment might be in the $200-$300 range, but a smaller amount would at least get us started with a consultation at the local hospital. Depending on the diagnosis, we could then move forward as we have ability.

If you wish to help Faith, you may give to Urgent Needs/Medical or earmark funds in a note at checkout at Please pray for provision for this need and that Faith can get the treatment she needs.