Sympathize with the Needy

IMG_0747Micah Juma, age 28 is a patient who was sent to us by a local government official, the chief of Matunda location, for medical assistance. When the chief summoned Micah’s father at her office to face the charges against him, presented by his creditor for failing to pay back their money, this Mzee broke into tears at the chief’s office. He lamented ”I have sold all that I had to treat my son, I have borrowed from my friends, but the hospital bills are getting higher and higher every day, and my son still suffers. I don’t know what to do next, I have reached the end now, please have mercy and pity on me.” The Chief was filled with great sympathy for the man and she called the missionary Marc Carrier and asked if he can help this patient.

Micah has had a supra pubic catheter since December 2011 following a car accident where his back bone was badly broken and he suffered a severe urethral injury. He was referred to Moi Teaching Referral Hospital for special treatment but due to financial challenges he was not able to go. His condition is deteriorating day by day; now the catheter has stopped draining and the Supra pubic cytostomy has started oozing blood and pus. To do complete surgery replacement will cost not less than K sh 150,000 ($1,500). Also to replace the broken joint in his hip with an artificial component connecting the femur and tibia, will cost not less than K sh 60,000 ($600).



To do good  at all seasons to those we wish to help is not always possible; only one way is ever open, and that is the way of sympathy; as author James Allen notes, “sympathy given can never be wasted.” One great aspect of sympathy is that of pity–pity for the distressed and pain-stricken, with a desire to alleviate or help them in their suffering. The world needs more of this divine quality, “For pity makes the world soft to the weak and poor, and noble for the strong” (Sir Edwin Arnold). To rejoice with the happy in the day of their happiness, to share their sorrow when ill befalls them, to lend a hand in all their difficulties, to fear disaster for them is the pathway to godliness.

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