Moments Echo Into Eternity

This is Cindy Carrier guest-posting on behalf of the Kingdom Driven Ministries team (maybe for the first time?). Marc, Sam, and Binea are traveling to a training meeting for the second day of teaching with a small group of pastors. I wanted to relate a brief story that Marc shared with me yesterday that I felt was significant in its simplicity. I’m sure I’ll get some details wrong, but I don’t think a few inconsistencies will change the meaning, so bear with me.

While the team was boarding the matutu (public transport van) yesterday, an older gentleman inadvertently leaned on the vehicle, breaking a part (I think it was the antennae, but my memory fails me). The driver, of course, began berating the man and demanding payment. Sometimes a scenario like this can escalate into violence, particularly since the people on the matutu very often only have money for the ride–no “extra”–especially not the 700 shillings (about $8 USD) the driver demanded. After some time, with the driver not backing down and the man insisting that he couldn’t pay, Marc and Sam stepped in and paid off the driver. As things settled down, the shocked man simply mouthed a quiet “Thank you.”

Imagine Marc’s surprise when they entered the town this morning where the meeting was taking place, and the very same gentleman approached the team and asked if they recognized him. Of course, since the encounter was so brief they couldn’t put their finger on where they had seen him before. He refreshed their memories and thanked them once again. Marc, recognizing him as a “Man of peace,” asked where he was from and got his contact information. He’s sure that the Lord brought them together providentially, and that there will be much fruit as a result when they meet again. He hopes to have time after tomorrow’s meeting to re-connect. Please keep that in prayer. And remember, we all have moments like this–moments that echo into eternity. Don’t miss them!

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