Life-Changing Opportunities!

After a recent third visit to the hospital 013for examination concerning the growths on Anthony Mirundu’s wrist, we are very glad to inform you that, though the growths are cancerous, the cancer has not yet metastasized and remains localized in the wrist area. This was somewhat unexpected, as he has been nursing the swollen wrist since late 2011. Thank you all who kept him in prayers!

After extensive scanning and consult with the surgeon, the recommendation was for an amputation at the elbow as the best and only option. While we are happy to have this option available to halt the spread of the cancer, of course this will be a significant change for Anthony, who is the sole provider for his wife and three young children. Even so, Anthony has agreed that the amputation is a must and it is scheduled for July 13.

099Thus far, however, the funds which have been earmarked to Anthony from your generous donations were only enough to make an initial diagnosis and recommendation for treatment. We have no funding available to go forward in meeting the amputation  and follow up examination expenses. According to best estimates, the whole process will cost at least $200.

007Also, a new urgent medical need has been brought to our attention, the case of Ferdinand. He is the young brother of our “man of peace,” Silas, a dear brother in the Lord. (As the oldest in his family, Silas has taken responsibility for caring for his Mom and siblings on the family shamba; his father died when Silas was just a boy.) We sent Ferdinand to our local clinic last month for an examination of his leg; it looked like varicose veins but because of his youth (he is only 15) we were skeptical that this would be the case. He was referred to the District Hospital, where it was, indeed, confirmed to be a case of severe varicose veins. Ferdinand has been suffering from this condition for the last four years, and reports that he is at the point of feeling ongoing discomfort and pain when he lays down to sleep at night.

008There are several methods of treating varicose veins, including injection therapy and surgery. Injection therapy is mainly used to treat small varicose veins below the knee, and surgery is often performed to treat larger veins. Due to Ferdinand’s age and the progression and pain involved with the deteriorating veins, the recommendation is for a ligation surgery. Essentially, they will make small incisions in the skin and cut and tie off veins that are not functioning. Since these veins are on the surface of the skin, once the dilation is done, the blood will begin to find new routes along deeper veins. This surgery has a high rate of effectiveness and is done on an out-patient basis. This will be adrastic change Ferdinand, and we rejoice that we would be able to offer him this opportunity!

Up until now, Ferdinand’s care has come out of our regular medical budget, but now with a surgery recommended, we must request special funding to proceed. The procedure has already been scheduled for June 22, so we are looking for willing donors to fund the approximately $200 that will be needed.

Join with us in changing lives–the young man Anthony, who will have a new lease on life with his wife and young children with the removal of his cancerous tumor, and the youth Ferdinand, who can experience healing of his painful veins! Either need can be met by giving at You can earmark to urgent needs/medical and there is a place to note at checkout if you would like to give for Anthony or Ferdinand, if you would like.