June Medical report

Kingdom Driven Ministries extends our deepest gratitude to all those who have helped us to keep the embers of compassion burning and have enabled us to assist those with medical needs in our community. In the month of June, the number of those who came seeking  medical assistance was, perhaps, not as overwhelming as usual, but we were pleased to serve those whom the Lord brought to us.

The majority of our patients this month were those who dealt with typical illnesses but were without financial means to seek medical care: malaria, typhoid, flus and colds, severe headaches, and gastrointestinal issues in particular.

014We also met this young boy, Maxwell Wanjala. Maxwell is 14 years old and a grade 5 student of a nearby school who was involved in a road accident. This tragedy occurred while he was coming from the forest to fetch firewood, as he lives without a mother, who would normally perform this task.. Maxwell broke two lower joints of his right leg, leaving him in a critical condition. We thank God for the presence of good Samaritans who rushed him to our Mzee Timothy at the Kingdom Driven office, where he was assisted with first aid and then brought to the hospital for treatment. There we were told that the accident had caused  a transverse fracture of the bone, which called for a surgical repair known as reduction. Join us in praying for Maxwell’s quick healing, that he will be back on his feet soon.

We also encountered several  toddlers with different health problems. One case that stood out was that of 024 Hamilton Wafula, who had been suffering with a painful conjunctivitis (“pink eye”). The young mother was ignorant of the sickness and was worried to death about her little one, truly imagining that the child would become permanently blind. We thank God for the knowledge that allowed us to treat this common childhood illness for little Hamilton and ease his mother’s anxiety.

As usual, we encountered several cases of people ailing from malaria and typhoid who came seeking for assistance. Before sending them to Solonamu Medical Centre, our church deacon Mzee Timothy examined and questioned them, in order to find out if they are using their mosquito nets which will help to prevent the wide spread of malaria. He is also encouraging people in the community to utilize the water well on the KDM premises for clean drinking water. To his surprise, some of the patients are not in the habit of utilizing their nets nor the clean water well provided. Even more, many didn’t realize that they themselves could prevent the spread of these  diseases by becoming more cautious with their health and environment. We thank God for the initiative and caring of our Mzee, to help educate folks in our community and perhaps reduce the amount of illness and the necessary medical treatments. Mzee Timothy is a retired school master, and thus he rather enjoys employing these skills in his service for the Kingdom of God in our village community.

We also like to report of the progress of our long-term patient, Micah Juma, who had surgery on a broken leg and then suffered from post-operative infection. He has remained under treatment at the hospital for many long weeks now. Here in Kenya, an admitted patient is not completely under the care of hospital staff for basic needs; his father has been faithfully staying with him to give him companionship and assist in getting him food and meet other pressing needs he may have. I’m sure they will both appreciate your prayers for complete healing and discharge from the hospital. Thank you all who are supporting him.

007We also recently introduced to you the youth Ferdinand, who was ailing with varicose veins. We thank the Lord for standing with us and providing for his scheduled surgery. The surgery was undertaken last week on Wednesday, and he was finally discharged on Friday. Currently, he is under recovery at home. The area of the surgery in his leg is still very painful, so please pray for his perseverance and comfort as well as full  recovery so that he can pick up with his peers in school.

Our total expenditures for emergency and acute medical needs were just over $400. Special medical cases, such as Ferdinand and Micah, were just over $300 this month. Thank you all for your care, prayers, and financial contributions that allow KDM to assist with the many pressing medical needs in our community and our network of church fellowships.