Micah Updates

We would love to share this brief medical update with all of you who are supporting Micah Juma, through prayers and financial assistance, since his surgery to repair a leg badly broken from a road accident.

Already more than a month has gone by since he was readmitted at Webuye County Hospital for the initial surgery. However, it was only a few days after the surgery that it was reported to us that he was experiencing some minor pain which turned out to be an infection that was oozing blood and pus. We took him back to the hospital for re-examination. After the test, it was found that the infection was caused by a piece of rotten flesh, which had accumulated near the broken tibia after five years without any medical attention.


Early in June another minor surgery was undertaken in order to remove the infected flesh, and Micah was put on a course of antibiotics as well. The area of the infection has still not healed sufficiently that the doctors feel comfortable for him to be discharged.This is an unexpected development, but we trust in God’s faithfulness as we press forward with Micah’s treatment.

Hospitals here in Kenya are somewhat different than those in the West, in that patients do not receive all their care from hospital staff. When someone is admitted to a hospital, a family member generally accompanies the patient to make sure that they have daily meals as well as help with basic care if they cannot perform these tasks on their own. In Micah’s case, his father has faithfully been staying with him and managing such things; however, as you can imagine, this has been a long month for both of them. The good news is that, during this unexpectedly long hospital stay, Micah also begun physical therapy to help in restoring the muscle strength and flexibility as the leg heals.

We also thank the Lord for opening doors to share the Gospel of the Kingdom with Micah. In our last visit to the hospital, we sent two brothers who went and planted the seed of the Kingdom; as we continue to pray for his healing, let us also remember to pray for that seed  to grow and bear fruit.